This week has been SCORCHING in England and as I type this I’m already sweltering in my office, despite wearing paper thin layers and my floatiest skirt. Yep, the hair has gone up into a pineapple bun at work, and I regret nothing. Being doused in SPF is a necessity again and the sunnies have barely left my face – it’s summertime! So kicking off our first real week of glorious weather, J and I are off to Barcelona as this post goes live for a little city break, braving temperatures well into the thirties in search of a little adventure. It’ll be our first time in the city so we’re going to be heading to Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia, the Picasso museum – I am so excited! If you guys have any recommendations though, please leave them in the comments below, as you always send us to the best places.

Aside from our upcoming holiday, we’ve both been working away - the week has gone SO fast and our nights have been SO warm that we’ve both been in bed by 9 most nights, windows flung open, spread-eagled on the bed, hoping for a cool breeze. The glamourous life of English summers. If this keeps up we might have to invest in a fan – you know it is summer over here when all the fans are sold out at Argos! Good times.

I hope you guys have had a cool, calm and collected week and are looking forward to a weekend of new experiences. Here’s what I’ve been loving!

So, thanks Anna, I guess now I need a pair of dungarees again. First time in like 15 years!

Amy from The Little Magpie served up some major fashion realness in her A Week in Outfits: Paris post, full of gorgeous inspo that I will not implement into my life in Barca because I will look like a sweaty mess.

I DO, however, think I could potentially get somewhere near this outfit

This post on essential Photoshop tools and how to use them from The Nectar Collective is so useful.

It looks like my 27th birthday present will be this beauty, from my lovely family, and I am SO EXCITED to get to snappin’.

I’ve really enjoying The Life/Style Edit since discovering it through Lisette, and this post about first-time home-buying could not have come at a more apt moment.

Found out this was a thing, remained grossed out forever.

This t-shirt is right at the top of my summer attire wishlist.

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  1. i hope you and your boyfriend have a wonderful time in spain! i've only been once before about 5 years ago but it was beautiful there and the weather is even hotter than london in summer so i'm not sure if you'll be looking forward to that part exactly but i'm sure it'll be lovely. and happy (early) birthday too! :)

    jessica -


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