I've always loved the word 'fluctuate', but it turns out it's considerably less fun when it happens to you. This week has felt like nothing but riding out a tide - with huge roadworks happening all the way along our route into work (and set to last for 69 weeks!), we've been feeling a little more than fed up with Oxfordshire right now. Work is stressful, and a lot of last-minute... surprises have come up this week. And I think I've allowed that general discontent to bleed into how I've been feeling about myself. I feel like a really under-average version of myself at the moment and whilst I know what I need to do to bring myself out of this, getting my head around to actually doing it is proving harder than it should. I basically, no glamourising it, need a swift kick up the arse.

Not the easiest thing to give yourself, and not the easiest thing to admit, but I think of these posts as my time to speak honestly to you guys. I can do better than I have this week, and I want to. In brighter news, I'm so looking forward to seeing my mum this weekend, as she always seems to know the words to say to get me back on track. Aren't parents the best for that?

Furthering on from that - the blog is going to take a little content break next week! I've been posting solidly on this schedule for 5 months now and, whilst I'm not suffering burnout exactly, I don't want it to reach that point! So I'm taking a week as a kind of mid-way point to the year, to spend a little time in the country with my family. I hope you guys understand!

I hope you've had the kind of week you can be proud of, and are looking forward to a love-filled weekend.

This lazy chicken pesto salad looks INCREDIBLE and I want it in my tummy fast!

The Weeknd played a new song, at a super secret show that happened on Tuesday just outside of London, which you could register for free tickets for. This is a FML moment.

Rebecca’s post on Taking Joy From Everything made me smile big – because isn’t there so much to be happy about, when you think about it?

Working in social media and knowing how bleak it can be at times, this story made me so unbelievably happy. 

So… I might have made an order this past weekend and I might now be the proud owner of a pair of Jalouse boots. Helpful hint: if they have your size, order them from the Cloggs website and use the code BIG20 to take 20% off their already discounted price. You’re welcome.

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for this movie? IT’S TWO TOM HARDYS. WHEN IS THAT EVER A BAD THING.

This guide to Nashville from A Beautiful Mess has given me all of the wanderlust. How amazing do their bars look? Independent business envy.

I'll still be posting my July Favourites this Sunday as normal, so I'll see you then before my little break. Until next time!


  1. Ugh I love that Nashville guide. I want to go so badly! I mean, it's kind of mecca for a banjo player. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Have a lovely time with your mum! Enjoy your break!! :) x


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