This week has flown by, and in a way I'm glad - my parents come over from Dubai so soon and I am TOO excited to see them. Anyone living far from their family will understand how precious time becomes when you can be altogether again. But until then, I've been keeping myself busy - reading, researching, planning, and starting to make some positive changes in my life to get myself where I want to be. I think mid-year lends itself to a kind of reflection that's maybe more energised than the kind we have over Christmas and New Year - although you wouldn't think it was summer in the UK right now - can we have our sunshine back please?!

I'm excited to switch out my wardrobe for summer clothes FINALLY this weekend (although now I've said that, you just KNOW the rain will stay) and a long overdue date night with my honey.

I hope that you've all had a week that moved you forward and wish you a weekend that will fill you with joy.

Guys, I have a big decision coming up. Raceday dress. Do I go with this fluro pick, this pleated and pretty midi, this much-hyped stunner, or this ladylike ensemble (with pockets!!!)?! I haven't even started THINKING about the headwear situation.

What I really want to wear is this Self Portrait dress, but let's not because that's a bummer.

J and I are mildly (read: totally) obsessed with Vikings. So much so that we're already planning next year's holiday - a Scandi tour! I'm TOO excited to get my fjord on.

In the time we haven't been glued to that show, we made a little gallery out of our travelling snaps using this fancy little collage frame from IKEA. Until we own a place and can make a gallery wall without having to worry about our deposit, it looks great! Pictures and a room tour soon.

Rebecca from From Roses, long-time hero of mine, featured me in her Awesome YouTube Channels post, and I smiled so big I nearly broke my face. Have you SEEN the level of babe-dom in this post?!

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are launching a newsletter. Naturally, I signed up as soon as I heard.

I watched The Human Behind Humans of New York and remembered I'm not subscribed to the page on Facebook, so I amended this immediately and then proceeded to spend about twenty minutes of my life cry-laughing at all the beautiful.

Making these Deliciously Ella Chewy Sultana Cookies ASAP.

The lovely and chic What Olivia Did wrote a Brighton guide and I now want to run back there.

This book is high on my to-read list. Does it live up to the hype?

I'll see you on Sunday for something (hopefully!) a little inspiring!

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