Question - how does one go from the above, back to an office, with any kind of grace or determination? This has been the biggest thing on my mind this week, as I've been suffering with the post-holiday, post-birthday blues a little. This week has been one of the best of the year, kicked off with a long weekend in Barcelona (city guide comin' up!), and followed with a trip to go and see the incredible The Elephant Man in London on my birthday. Alessandro Nivola favourited two of my tweets about the experience this week guys but nbd, nbd. I also tasted my first Five Guys which was *angelsong* and received some beautiful, thoughtful gifts. And then... back to work. How do you deal with a come-down like that?

I've decided the only way to deal with it is to legit spoil myself with a pamper sesh, a movie night with my love on Saturday and a butt-ton of sleep. We're also making a fun gallery wall using prints and photos from our travels, which I'm excited about! Continuing on with Project Our House seems like the perfect remedy to being away from it for a little while. It's amazing how inspired you can come back feeling when you go stay in an interior designer's Air BNB!

I hope you guys have had a perfect week and are heading towards a restorative weekend.

These tart cherry cheesecake parfaits look pretty spesh, not gonna lie.

My best friend bought me this beautiful Astrid and Miyu necklace for my birthday, and they're having a killer sale right now which you should all go check out!

I really enjoyed Chapter Friday's roundup of summer interiors inspiration - really got me inspired to add some colour into our space!

Talking of home stuff, I'm thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a food processor #grannylulz. I've got my eye on this one, but if you have any recommendations, send them over!

As someone who used to drive past this on my way back to uni every year, these creepy-as-fuh pictures of a now-abandoned Camelot freaked. Me. Out.

So happy that one of my fave YouTubers, JessicaBeautician, is vlogging every day in July. Fun!

I can has? For the races, later this month? I can has, right? BECAUSE SO MUCH PRETTY.

Slightly obsessed with the Whistles sale. Have you guys bagged any sale bargains?

Hopefully you guys have been following along on Instagram with my Barca adventures, but if not - here's my username! Come join the party!

Proud of my man for commenting articulately on how sexist all the 'Serena Williams grunting' comments have been this week. TOTALLY unnecessary.

I will see you guys Sunday for a very continental vlog!

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