Let's be honest, there has been a pretty serious competition for beauty in my lusting heart lately, and interiors are quickly becoming my most favourite products to covet. From way-too-expensive hand soap (*cough cough*Aesop*cough*) to the fiftieth copper trinket, I'm on a little bit of a rampage. And whilst I haven't quite swapped my monthly pick-up of Allure for Elle Home just yet, I am MORE than willing to while away hours on homeware sites - namely, the one I'm featuring in this post.

H&M Home has been bringing it in the interior styling department for a good while now, and seeing as it has been a while since my last splurge - check out my first H&M Home Haul here - I figure it's only right to plot out some picks for the next time my 'Add to Basket' finger hovers over the 'Checkout' button. Let's get into it.

Despite the fact that it's summer and hot as HELL in this apartment at the moment, I've been thinking about adding texture to the place in the form of some blankets and throws. I've got my eye on this light, patterned number to have thrown over our new sofa for evening snuggles, and this heavier open-knit blanket to put at the base of our bed once winter arrives.

Our storage is looking a little... shabby in places, so some updates are long overdue. I love the mix of this wire basket for magazine, candle or even book storage, and the grey canvas of this storage bin for my towels and flannels in our bathroom. I've also had my eye on this wooden box for the longest time for our kitchen sides, to store mason jars of pasta, rice and flour. I'm gonna make it happen!

Another thing looking dated? Our laundry hamper. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice canvas and wood thing we have going on right now, but it's open at the top and I hate how shabby laundry can look when it's just kind of... sprawling. This laundry service bag will be a lot more discreet and less offensive to the eye!

Now... On to the fun things. BITS AND BOBS. We all love them, don't we? Those little touches that just make you sit back and go 'Aaaaaah, I could be in Pinterest right now'. A fairly predictable selection of marble and copper, but I love the little trinket box and round tray combo - I'm thinking the tray would look lovely against the dark wood of my coffee table, and the box would sit beautifully on my office desk! The marble tray would be lovely if only for product photography and the scented candle? Who can say no to pine forests?!

Are you guys eyeing up anything in particular at H&M Home? Weeping over the fact that their only branches in England are in London? I know. It's cruel. 


  1. I love all of these things!! I've recently bought some kitchen items from H&M Home - I've never been to the store but I seriously need to :)

    Helen x


    1. Oh my gosh, I've never been either but I think I'd pass out! So much goodness under one roof! We'll have to make it our mission to get to one, eh Helen? ;) Thanks so much for reading and commenting! T xx

  2. UGH BUT YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE H&M HOME. If you get that marble plate, feel free to pick one up for me too and send my way pls ;)
    As much as I love buying all these nice interior things, I'm kinda just like, "BUT WHERE DO I PUT ALL THIS CRAP????" because lord knows I can't justify adding another blanket/throw to my already massive collection :(


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