Summer is here and we’ve got a heatwave to prove it – I’m not even going to complain, because if my birthday month wasn’t super sunny I’d be a Debbie downer about it. I have and will always be a sun baby (blame spending most of my life in Dubai) and with a diary choc-full of summer plans, I’m excited to get this month going! Here’s to long evenings, ice creams from the corner shop, brightly painted toenails and feel-good summer music. What else is there to do?

SEE: I haven’t even been to see this yet, but for my birthday James and I will be going to see The Elephant Man in London. Bradley Cooper aside (how can you ever put that man aside?) I’m so excited to go and see a straight play for the first time in forever! This staging has received a lot of praise and a lot of nominations, so I’m definitely intrigued to see what they do with the material. THEATRE GEEK, EXCELLENT.

LISTEN: Slightly biased but totally awesome – my cousin Anne Marie’s debut EP Karate comes out on July 10
th. She just recently killed it at Glasto with Rudimental, and her single with them, Rumour Mill, is out very shortly. I LOVE everything I’ve heard so far and I know you will too – her voice is just crazy beautiful. Please do go give her stuff a listen!

GO: On holiday! James and I are off to Barcelona this week, then down to Sussex for a family break at the end of the month, and we’re also planning to head back to Bath at the beginning of August. We’ll just be chasing the sun all over the place for the next month or so. Sunglasses emoji.

EAT: My girls and I went out for a STUNNING meal at Zheng’s at the beginning of last month, which reminded me of my love for black bean everything. Highly recommend. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden – it’s BBQ time! You know what to do.

DRINK: Cocktails! Now is the time for rooftop bars and something slightly alcoholic to ring in the warmer days. Faves of mine are the Amaretto Sours at Bill’s (omg), and the Strawberry Jam Jar at Raoul’s (omg x 1000) – but this month I’m sure I’ll be sampling ice-cold pitchers of Sangria!

WEAR: Let’s be real, it’s going to be too hot to even contemplate anything other than this right now.

READ: Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw. I just finished reading it this weekend and the book is like a warm hug for your feel-good receptors. Madeleine writes in a very gentle, non-patronising way and makes her whole ethos very simple and attainable. Everything makes sense, seems relatively easy to implement and is laid out beautifully and concisely. I’m looking forward to getting some recipes on the go!

THINK: Consciously. I really want to try to be more mindful this month, introduce meditative practice back into my routine and keep up with the hard work I’ve been putting in whilst being kind to my psyche. I think a holiday can be a great time to relax, but also a really great time to centre yourself and put some good stuff into place to help you keep on track in your every day. 


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, have fun on holiday!

  2. I'm headed to Barcelona later this year, would love to hear your favorite things to do/see and tips for places to go! :) Have a wonderful birthday month!

    Cindy //

    1. Hi Cindy! I recently put up a Barcelona guide here:

      Hopefully this is helpful :) Thanks for reading and commenting! T xx


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