As post-holiday blues set in a little last week, I decided to bust out some heavy hitters in my pampering arsenal this weekend and dedicate some time to a little TLC. So when I happened to dig out a face mask from Sephora that my mum had swiped back from the US for me, I busted into that packaging like no other...

... That was until I saw the words 'fiber mask'. Enthusiast as I am about all things skincare related, this would be my first ever venture into the world of the sheet mask. I was intrigued, excited (THINK of the Hannibal Lecter-esque boyfriend scaring abilities!) and a little creeped out! I've seen these things at work and some get rave reviews - particularly those coming from the Korean beauty arena, the stuff of Lisa Eldridge video dreams. Mid-Star Wars movie night, I decided to dive in and see what all the fuss was about.

I'll be honest - at first, I hated this mask. Putting a heavy, wet, floppy, sticky mask over your face when you suffer from mild claustrophobia is not my idea of a good time. I flopped the thing roughly into the right position, inhaled and consumed some goop whilst I prodded the mask and its... holes... into place. It was not a hot look. My boyfriend also freaked me out by commenting that I looked like I'd been involved in some kind of accident. Cheers for that one, babe. The packet suggested fifteen minutes and after about two I was ready to tap out.

However, once I pushed through my initial discomfort, the weird, sappy wetness of the mask started to feel nourishing. It was like someone was giving the skin on my face a drink - albeit probably by force, but a refreshing, hydrating drink all the same. I couldn't help thinking how nice this would feel after a long-haul flight, particularly if you had somewhere to be afterward.

I plumped (quite literally) for the Pomegranate anti-fatigue and energising mask, and can honestly say this did go quite a way to making my skin look awake, fresh and juicy - plump in the good way. I was left looking quite radiant and hydrated, the way you can never quite achieve after a long day at work. For a quick fix? This mask is a dream. Is it the best mask I've ever tried?

Not quite, but for a $6 price point I was super impressed. The slightly weird, gloopy feeling of a sheet mask is well worth it for the results, if you need a pick-me-up. I just wish I'd picked up more from the range!


  1. I think sheet masks are definitely having a moment in skincare right now, I've been seeing different brands put out all sorts of masks lately! I'm a big fan of them mostly because I don't have to wash them off like the other masks I own. They can be pretty creepy, but they make a nice once-in-a-while treat for your skin!

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  2. I used to think that only sheet masks existed until a couple of years ago but yeah sheet masks can make you feel a bit claustrophobic haha! But I actually really love them since it feels like such a treat for your skin

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