I thought I'd kick off the Barca posts with a highlight from our trip - our visit to Bar Lobo. This place came highly recommended from Twitter and blogs alike, and I was super excited (and a little nervous!) to take my group of pals here. It's always so much pressure when you're the one making the recommendations!

I was a little wary of the location of this restaurant - being directly off the tourist hotbed of La Rambla, I was kind of concerned that it might be a little over-expensive for what was being offered, and the hype might not be justified. Upon coming into the restaurant though, my fears were pretty much eradicated. The interior is the stuff of Pinterest dreams - beautifully chilled out, with paper balloon lanterns and an open bar giving the whole thing a kind of industrial, New York vibe. Rows upon rows of fresh fruit sat behind our table, so that when I asked our waiter what juices there were on offer, he simply pointed behind me and said: 'Take your pick'. I had fresh peach juice and it was beyond.

Dining out as a group of four, three of us were meat eaters, and my best friend Mel eats veggie, so I can safely say that the menu, whilst small, gives a good range of options for everyone. J and I split tapas and between us shared some delicious nachos and guac, chicken wings, cheese and ham croquettes and patatas bravas (HOMG SO GOOD). I would say the wings and patatas were our faves - the croquettes were good, but a little too mushy for me. The first time I'd ever tried them, so I didn't know what to expect! Everything was so fresh and full of flavour. Melissa had the pasta which she said was delicious and perfectly portioned, and her boyfriend Nathan had the chicken fajitas, which also got a stellar review.

J and I both paid around 30 euro for both of us, so 15 euro each, and were both super full and satisfied at the end of our meal. It was SUCH a welcome respite from the heat of the day and all the walking we had been doing - when you're averaging around 20,000 steps a day, you want yourself a big ol' plate of tapas! I'd thoroughly recommend Bar Lobo and don't be put off by how central it is - it's convenience, rather than costliness, I promise!

Also, if you visit, check out the cat wall next door, and visit the bar opposite, Miranda, for sangria!

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