This week has been the beginning of a big new change for me - it's something I want to talk about eventually on the blog, but I'm not quite ready to discuss it just yet. I know the moment will present itself, but I feel like we all need to build our strength at certain points in our life, and this is mine. All I want to do is lock myself away and make myself very strong, prepare myself for the next step forward I'm about to take tomorrow. And this week has very much felt like taking a lot of steps forward, in quick succession. Determination is coming easy right now, and I hope it lasts.

Today I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and as I write this, my body aches and it feels like my cheeks will be permanently flushed but I did it and I will keep on going. This all sounds super cryptic! It's probably not even that big a deal, but it is to me. I want so much for myself to be as happy as I know I can be, and to achieve all of the things I can see in my head.

In other less philosophical news, the PLL moment all fans of the show have been waiting for happened this week. What did you think? Let's not do spoilers but suffice it to say I have mixed feelings. What will I keep myself busy with now! Thank goodness for GBBO.

I hope you've had a tenacious week and are looking forward to a weekend amongst champions - J and I visit Twickenham this Saturday and we are both VERY excited!

The Vogue September cover dropped and needs only one letter in explanation - it's B.

This Buzzfeed about all the times Whole Foods took it way too far made me chuckle more than a little bit. That asparagus water is beyond ridic.

I've found my perfect armchair to complete our snuggly front room. Her name's Karla. Ain't she a babe?

Craving these PB overnight oats for a simple, filling and delectable breakfast once the colder weather starts setting in.

Speaking of colder weather, this styling post from Sea of Shoes is just it.

I am obsessed with every ridiculous, quirky, vintage touch in Lena Dunham's dressing room.

A hot talking point in the office this week (read: wanderlusting while it hammers down with rain outside) has been Gunnar Garfors who has managed to visit every single country in the world before turning 40. What a show-off. 

Siobhan never ceases to make me swoon with her beautifully shot photos and amiable, easy-to-read style of writing, and this post about losing your photo mojo was so useful and inspiring.

I loved this article - career advice from the inimitable Jenna Lyons - which really inspired me to feel good again about my 9-5 desk job. The best things can come from small beginnings, and you're never above what you're doing. Work harder, be kinder, and be accountable. YAS QUEEN. Sorry, had to.

I will see you bright and early(ish) Sunday for a brand new video! 


  1. These are my favourite kind of posts Tamira, I wish I was organised enough to do a weekly share as they are always a lovely read :)

  2. PS Very excited for your secret adventure ;)

    1. Thanks so much Anna, I'm glad to hear you like these posts! They're my favourite kind too :) Thanks for reading and commenting! T xx

  3. Good luck on your new venture, and I hope that Gunnar Garfors will write a book!!

    1. Thanks! I'm positive he will after all of the attention that article has gotten! :) T xx


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