I'm cheating a little and writing this Friday Shared early, because this Friday is dedicated once again to family time - the last little bits of summer holiday time spent with my family before my dad heads back to Dubai. I've been thinking a lot about time this week - the time it takes us to achieve a goal, the time we spend waiting for the right moment to do something, the time we barely notice going by before it's five years past and we only have photographs to look back on. If I sound a little melancholy I apologise, but I guess with growing up and growing older comes this kind of reflecting back.

I looked at some photographs of my uni days this week and longed so desperately for those times, to laugh that easily again, to look so happy, so much more myself. The truth is, during my week away, part of undertaking this reflection process was in admitting that I'm not very proud of myself right now. I don't feel like who I want to be. In fact most of the time, I feel tired and stuck. Anyone who knows me will know that I'm not the type of person who can just quietly 'bear' discontent, so - all change. I'm making some big changes and I'm making a choice to give myself my best chance, and move towards happy. At whatever pace it comes.

So this week, I hope you've enjoyed a decisive one, and this weekend, I hope you find your inspiration to journey your own way.

This piece, on how we measure 'good days', really spoke to me. I feel in this time, my generation are making so many leaps and bounds within social media and communication, but we seem to be getting farther and farther away from the point.

I'm sure we've all seen them by now, but the Kim Kardashian for Vogue Spain #NoFilter shoot is just perfection. She looks so much more like a real human being in this photographs. So refreshing.

One of my friends posted this article about how young creatives are moving en-masse from London to Berlin and, I have to admit, from reading the piece I can see why. It's definitely on my to-visit list.

I can't believe this is new to me, but the British Vogue channel on YT seriously kicks butt. I particularly recommend the look into Olivia Palermo's wardrobe and Poppy Delavigne's home.

Great British Bake Off is back, the sweeps are on at work and I got Alvin. Soooo.

I am planning to get a food processor (grown up purchase!!!) - I've heard good things about this Magimix for handling dates and nuts and stuff - do you guys have any recommendations?

After this post from The Everygirl, I would like to go back to Barcelona ASAP please. All the places I missed! And forever regretting missing out on the Picasso museum. Gah.

The autumn issue of Porter magazine with Daria Werbowy on the front cover is EVERYTHING. Literally turning pages and my heart sang on each one. It's like it was made for me!

I will see you all on Sunday with a quite special, quite belated new video. Any guesses? See you soon!


  1. it's funny how some people struggle so much with change and live a really unhappy life for months or years and then i come to your blog and you say straight up "i've suddenly realised things are all wrong and i'm going to change it" - it's fantastic! most people don't have that resolve or they're too scared to start the process of changing everything but it's great to hear you're facing things head on and you're going to work on getting to where you want to be. it's really the only way to be satisfied with who you are and where you are in life so it's good to find your direction and start walking down that path. :)

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

    1. Jessica - this comment meant the world to me! I've been feeling a little shaky about the uphill climb I'm facing but you've just totally helped my resolve even further :) You'll never know how much you helped today! Thank you for reading and commenting. T xx

  2. Not feeling proud of myself is definitely a feeling I know all too well at the moment. I don't feel like I'm who I want to be either, but my attempts at changing that haven't really gotten me anywhere and it's all very disheartening. I think in times like these, we have to appreciate the small things in life that make us happy and remember what we have achieved instead of what we haven't. It goes a long way in thinking positive and changing your attitude because when you do, I think it's easier to motivate yourself into changing what you don't like about your life, so you can get happy again. It's such an uncomfortable feeling and I hate it so much, but I think that's what life is. If we felt content all the time or too scared to change, we'd never learn or evolve into the people we're meant to be. This is a good thing and no matter how much time it takes, we will both get there! xox


    1. Aaah Tenneil, if only we lived closer. You always make me feel so much better, no matter what is going on! Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing that with me - I know for you especially it hasn't been easy, paired with missing home you've really been through the wringer, but if it makes any difference at all, your friendship means the world to me, and I am counting down the days until we can finally meet somehow! Hang in there, babe. T xx


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