I am excited to write this this week - mainly because writing this means it's Friday tomorrow, and I get to welcome another weekend, but equally this week has brought happiness in its own way. I'm finding more joy in work and my colleagues, more security in routine, and I feel stronger and more determined with every day within myself. I've just come home from a long evening dinner with girlfriends from work that make me laugh and inspire me, and there's much to look forward to. I woke up this morning with such a cloud over my head, so it's nice to know that even when you're feeling desperate and outside of yourself, you can still turn your day around with a little help.

This weekend is going to consist of a lot of home-y stuff, getting the place in order and taking care of some errands that have been kicking their heels, being put off for too long. We're also really anticipating the second leg of England v. France in the rugby, and planning a movie night together. My favourite kinds of days, pottering and being cosy. I'm such an old lady.

Wishing you the kind of peaceful weekend that follows a provocative week.

Reading this article about Amazon and the work ethic it instills in its employees, I want to try and be a lot more mindful about my shopping there, and avoid it if possible. Disgusting.

This piece from The New Yorker made me chuckle - sleep always wins my board meetings, not gonna lie.

So, #bloggerblackmail was a bit ridiculous, eh? I think Leanne summed it up best with her tweet here. And I ALWAYS want cake. But no one has to give it to me for free, unless they'd like to.

My favourite pair of Jamie jeans decided to rip this week. I now have my eye on a pair of these bad boys. I love me a boyfriend fit.

I really enjoyed this lovely interiors post from Kim, featuring the comfiest-looking sofa I think I've ever seen.

FINALLY - ITG talks about Glossier and shipping internationally! It's not all good news but hey, at least it's a step in the right direction!

After absolutely devouring The Miniaturist (review to follow), I'm in need of a new read. Any recommendations?

Love Mandy's round-up of End of Summer outfit inspo - something which has been on my mind this week, too!

Guys, I'm feeling torn. I keep looking at the #planneraddict hashtag on Instagram and now I feel like I want all the stickers. Yes, I'm 27.

I will see you guys on Sunday for an empties video and until then - stay classy.


  1. Just ordered The Miniaturist! I live in Rotterdam and I've seen that doll's house in the Rijksmuseum so I am intrigued.
    That blogger should be ashamed of herself. And it's all made so much worse by her dreadful spelling and grammar. I don't think the bakery did anything wrong; they very truthfully provided the story behind her awful "reviews". She made a fool of herself all on her own.


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