This week has been a weird old story, gang - it started off pretty rubbish. I was feeling pretty tired and under-motivated, like I had a huge hill to climb before I could reach the weekend - a blissfully long one, for those of us in the UK. One I also plan to spend with my mum, getting in some much-needed quality time before she jets off back to Dubai and I have to find my way without her so nearby again. The amazing moment of saying hello to mum and dad is always clouded by the knowledge that these goodbyes follow on all too soon. Anyone that lives far away from home will tell you - it really sucks sometimes.

That all being said, the week did take a turn for the better, and exciting plans for the Autumnal season ahead, as well as lots of laughs with new friends at work, have got me feeling upbeat. There's nothing like feeling like you're finally finding your 'place' for giving you a self esteem boost and making those work days go a little faster. I'm so grateful to them for that, and they probably don't even know what they've done to turn my week around! It just goes to show, sometimes we need to look outside of ourselves to get a little perspective on how things really are. Don't get too caught up in your own heads, friends - life is much more fun lived amongst others!

I hope you guys have had a self-remedying week and are looking forward to a weekend with those important few in your life.

Cafe Art gave 100 homeless people a disposable camera, and this is what happened. Awe-inspiring.

Genius food like these pumpkin-spiced MnMs make me eternally sad I don't live in America.

The Weeknd's new album comes out today and I can tell you, my faves are Shameless, Tell Your Friends, The Hills (obvs) and Losers.

Tried to order these tapered trousers from Topshop, paid for them, only to receive an email saying my order had been cancelled because they were sold out. Why you wanna do me like that, Topshop.

Geeking out rugby style now, but the England 31 man squad was announced for the Rugby World Cup, and I'm super disappointed for Danny Cipriani. But super excited for Sam Burgess - he was an absolute tank when we saw them at Twickenham earlier this month! I'll stop this laddishness here.

I'm planning on taking my mama to Turl Street Kitchen in Oxford this weekend, unless anyone else has any breakfast recommendations they'd like to suggest in the comments?

i definitely appreciated this post on how to blog when you feel like your brain is broken from The Nectar Collective. I frequently feel this way, dudes.

I've been feeling like giving our living space a little makeover for autumn, and this black and white room inspo from Homey Oh My is getting my brain all excited about nesting.

How are you spending your Bank Holiday weekend? I'll be back on Sunday with August favourites for you, but I'm wishing you a very, very happy one until then.


  1. You made it through! Also I totally understand about living far away from your parents, my parents came to visit two weeks ago (they're 14 hours away) and only for a week and I hadn't seen them for about 8 months so it was really good to just... do stuff together! Plus, I got to eat SO MUCH :D and omg the black and white room inspo is a killer - it you have a makeover, remember to share (obvs you will but still)!

    Cherie x

  2. My family is in SA and I am in the Netherlands. The goodbyes seriously suck and make everything pretty sucky for around a week!

  3. I'm keen for it to be Spring in Aus! Totally checking out those links now.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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