Try as we might to hold on to summer, those days are drawing in again, the nights just a touch colder, hinting at the seasons changing about to happen. The tiniest peeps of knitwear are popping up in storefronts and as sure as anything as Britons cast their eyes to the sky to be greeted by more rain, there seems to be a quiet resignation that that summer was 'as good as it gets'. We return indoors, we bring out our layers, we introduce those hardier fabrics into our wardrobes and say goodbye to tissue thin cottons and silks for another year. Now is the time for planning ahead - now is the time for the transitional wardrobe.

I thought I'd start a new styling segment here on TGG as a little insight into what I'm planning for my own wardrobe this autumnal season - flattering shirts, boxy cuts with the slightest hint of 70s swing (I'm not really one for trends), leather and gold hardware, with a kind of utilitarian vibe. Keeping things super practical and comfy, whilst being prepared for all weather. That's the dream, huh? With a dreamy red dress thrown in for work, because who doesn't want to be the woman in the power dress in the office, really?

The inventory: Ripped knee Jamie jeans, side split top, brown messenger bag, brown heeled boots, red open-back midi dress, striped shirt dress, ballet flats, checked shirt, cargo jumpsuit, marble pendant necklace, funnel-neck cashmere dress. Campaign image courtesy of Whistles.

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