So you might remember a little while back me talking about a change in my skin, and then waxing lyrical about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which became my cleanser of choice for my newly combo/oily face. And whilst it's still love with Oskia (just take a look at my Evening Skincare Routine), I'd started noticing my pores were looking a little clogged and the gel cleanser on its own just wasn't stringent enough to really clean my face when it needed it. Tiny bumps appeared on my forehead and I started getting a few small pesky spots, something I'd never suffered with. It was time for a change.

Whilst restocking a few make-up bits in Space NK recently, I asked for a sample pot of Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip cleanser - a blogger favourite for those with oilier skins, I thought it'd be worth a try, and with its fairly considerable price tag of £35 I definitely wasn't about to just take a leap of faith before being sure this worked for me. That being said, I really didn't want to like it that much. But, after just two nights using this as my evening cleanse, the results were pretty undeniable.

This is a clay-based cleanser, meaning it comes out as a dark, runny liquid that you massage onto your face. This is listed as a foaming cleanser but it really isn't, or at least, not a traditional 'foaming cleanser'. Ceramic Slip isn't dehydrating in any way - the opposite actually, as my skin always feels baby smooth and perfected after use.You can kind of feel it setting as you massage, and I think it's this 'setting' feeling which gets the ingredients into your skin and into your pores.

Talking of ingredients, this cleanser DOES contain essential oils, so if your skin gets a little sensitive around those, be warned - jasmine, frankincense and sandalwood all make an appearance. Eczema sufferers might also be interested to know apparently the sandalwood in the cleanser is an anti-microbial which helps with skin inflammation and existing conditions.

My skin was refined, pores were noticeably minimised and the bumps on my forehead disappeared, more or less with the first use, and definitely after the second. Needless to say, a fullsize bottle has now joined my collection and I'm finding it a great fit with my routine. Whilst I'm not over-the-moon about it being £35 for 125ml (ouch!), I only use around three pumps of product for my whole face, so I'm confident I can eke this out for a good while!

If your skin is playing up, over-producing oil and in need of a little refining, I would seriously recommend this cleanser, but dry or sensitive skins might want to stick to oilier or balm-consistency cleanses.


  1. I love this cleanser! I have one stashed away waiting for me when summer rolls around here soon. I find it a bit drying now in winter but can't wait to crack it open come the warmer weather!
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. Good point - I suspect I've been craving this because of sweaty, summer days - you always want some heavy duty cleaning in the warmer months, don't you? It's why I love this in partnership with the Oskia, I sense if I used it on its own it would be just too stripping! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, lovely. T xx

  2. HI Tami

    I do like this cleanser but not for removing make up-for me it's not heavy duty enough to clean my skin so I have used it as more of a treatment cleanser-either as the second stage of my double cleanse once I have removed my make up or as my morning cleanse to freshen up my skin. I do find it lasts ages though because I only need a couple of points at that point. I also find this is better applied to dry skin with damp hands for some reason!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. Hey Stacey,

      Yes, I'd agree it maybe isn't the best for make-up removal, and would use it as a second cleanse myself if I were wearing a full face - I tend to use Bioderma for make up removal before going in with a cleanser. I do like this one as a morning cleanser actually, it does give that brightening, tightening feeling you want in the morning! :) Thanks for the tips about how to apply - I'll have to give this a shot!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting,

      T xx

  3. Ahh, I kind of love and hate reading such a glowing review of a product I want to try but know I shouldn't spend the money on, haha. It's definitely on my list though, I need to run through a few more cleansers first before I buy any more but this sounds like it's exactly what my skin needs!

    jessica -


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