It's Sunday, it's video time, and it's an empties, which means we all suspend the belief that looking around somebody's rubbish is actually a little bit creepy, and go gung-ho for holding up used up products at a camera. Sounds good, eh?

I've tried to keep this one as short and sweet as possible as I know these things can drag, but we've got some Living Proof, a little bubble bath, and skincare and make up bits to get through, so settle down with a cuppa and let's get to emptying.

I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend and I will see you tomorrow for a new post!

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  1. YES TO THE MICELLAR WATER COMPARISON. (But only if you already have all the products because y'know, buying stuff for the blog is pretty impractical)

    Gon' need that Jurlique mist. (But someday because holy hells, Jurlique is MAD EXPENSIVE)


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