I am having the most chill Sunday ever, after a particularly raucous Saturday evening at Twickenham, so I couldn't be happier to bring you this zen, chilled-out walk through my evening skincare routine. All products are listed in the info box for your reference and as a bit of a disclaimer, my skin has recently changed from being super dry and dehydrated to oily/combination - fun times! I've had to make a few adjustments from my old routine and I STILL haven't found 'the one' in terms of moisturiser - mostly I'm just using up what's in my stash and trying to find what keeps the oil at bay - attractive times.

Hope you guys enjoy this video and as always, if you aren't subscribed to the channel please do go and sub! I bring out new videos every Sunday. Speaking of - if there are any videos I haven't filmed that you'd like to see, please leave me a comment!

Have a lovely weekend and I will catch you tomorrow with another skincare themed post...

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  1. There is something so very relaxing about watching someone wash their face and do their skincare!! I'm now off to wash mine and do a face mask!


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