My love for Bite Beauty products is well-documented on this blog, but the 5 Night Fix was a new concept to me in terms of this line. This is a travel-sized duo from Sephora which claims to be able to fix lips in their worst, most chapped and dry state, and bring them back to life in five days. The kit contains their much-loved agave lip mask, as well as a lip exfoliator which comes in a bullet, lipstick style. The whole thing is super easy, no fuss or messiness, and the packaging, in a little pill jar, is a thoughtful touch.

Getting down to the nitty gritty (forgive me), I waited it out and gave these products a road test when my lips were parched, split in one section on my bottom lip and in dire need of some TLC. So how did they fare up against the taste of painful pouters?

Guys, this stuff is magic. There is some kind of witchcraft at work here because these products made a difference and had pretty much healed my poor lips after one use. I loved that the exfoliator came in a bullet and the exfoliant is absolutely tiny in texture, meaning that you don't have to sit around with grains of sugar on your lips like everybody has time for that. This is discreet, effective and could easily be used on-the-go, even prior to make up application. It gently sloughed off the drier and dead skin on my lips, exposing softness underneath, and even removed the little bit of split skin without hurting at all!

Following this, the agave lip mask was how I imagine putting your lips to bed in a hotel might feel. I can't say this felt exactly like a mask, but it did feel thicker than your average lip balm, almost paste-like but never a hassle to have on. It feels rich, nourishing and deeply hydrating for the lips, exactly what they were crying out for post-exfoliation. Within twenty minutes of first use, my lips felt soft, smooth and almost back-to-normal. I told you! Witchcraft.

If you can get your hands on it, $15 for this kit is a FREAKING steal and I strongly advise you to run, not walk, to pick it up for autumn/winter if you suffer with dry, chapped lips, or even if you just want to keep your pout looking on point. It is so worth the money and I guarantee, you'll love!


  1. This kit is so adorable! I've been dying to try the lip mask, and the fact that the scrub comes in stick form is so handy!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Ooh I spotted this on the Sephora website a few months ago and I've been pining for it ever since! I'm heading to Hawaii in a few weeks and I'm desperately hoping I find one in store. It's such a great way to try out the lip mask since everyone says it's so great but I'm probably never going to finish up a full size.

    jessica -


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