Somehow I find myself writing another one of these, and it has completely taken me by surprise this week. I don't know if it's because of so looking forward to the weekend, or rainy weather making us feel more cozy and sleepy in the evenings - but the week has flown! I can't say I mind, because as I touched on last week, at the moment I'm facing a little introspection and a time when I need to do some work on myself. I feel like I have smiled and laughed more this week, but I'm definitely not feeling as strong as I want to. I guess that'll come with time.

Also, my allergies are still driving me insane. HIGH FIVE TO ALL MY SEPTEMBER ALLERGY BUDDIES. It's so annoying. I don't remember a day since the month began I wasn't rubbing and rubbing at my eyes. Such a drag. As a result of those itchy eyes I've been thinking about how much of my life I spend in front of a screen and guys - it's a worrying amount. I'm thinking about writing a post about this, because internet and my consumption of it is something that has been playing on my mind a lot lately. Would anyone be interested to read?

Hopefully it has been a swift-footed week leading into a weekend of victories for you. I'll see you on Sunday!

This GIF workout by Lindsay Ellingson (inspired by Ballet Beautiful) has got me missing ballet and pilates in a BIG way.

It happened, guys. J.K. Rowling said 'C U Next Tuesday'. Rejoice.

Rosie's beautiful post about a breakfast/brunch date to Dishoom has me missing London terribly. This is on my to-visit list!

My cart has been stuffed on H&M Home for weeks now, and thanks to Helen I think I need to checkout my bag like... Yesterday.

Speaking of H&M, lots more sneak peeks of the Balmain collab have been surfacing and Gigi Hadid wore this beaut to NYFW. All I have to say is: YAAAAAAAS.

As much as I don't want to love this, Ariana Grande's impressions are on. Point.

Thank you so much to Mandy from AGO for giving a scale measure of the new bumper Hourglass Palette, which for $80 at the size of a MAC lipstick, is absolute robbery.

I love these beautiful office-appropriate transitional looks for Autumn. As you can tell, I'm almost always looking for officewear.

John Lewis started stocking Charlotte Tilbury. Life is so good again.

It's Rugby World Cup night!! Who are you supporting? I WILL ADMIT - I tittered a bit at this headline.

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