As I warned in last week's instalment, this Friday Shared is a little melancholy after having to say goodbye to my mama. Parting ways is never easy, and knowing that she's finding it harder to leave as her own mother gets a little older and a little frailer makes my heart hurt. Our time is so precious, and sometimes it takes these bittersweet moments to remind us of our own fragility. Still, we had an incredible weekend roaming around the Cotswolds, eating well, watching reruns of Location Location Location and organising my flat. I feel so much better heading into Autumn knowing that things at home are in order.

This week also marks the first sequence of days starting with darker, colder mornings, and the welcome reappearance of my dressing gown when I first wake up. The air has had a bite to it for the first time in months, and the changing seasons are pretty much unavoidable now - get comfortable, winter is coming. I'm hoping with my hermit-like tendencies when the really cool weather rolls in that I'll enter a super-productive phase and do loads of writing and brainstorming, but we'll see. It seems enough now to keep myself focused, on track with my goals, and positive!

I hope you've had a clarifying week and you're faced with a weekend of snuggling and huddling. I AM JUST COLD, OKAY.

When I first read this article about a couple who gave up their solid jobs in advertising to go travelling and ended up cleaning toilets, my heart sank. But as I read more about their ethos and looked at their blog, I was actually really inspired and uplifted by what they had to say. A good read.

MILEY, WHAT'S GOOD. In all seriousness, all of this pitting women against other women in mainstream media needs to just stop. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. This doesn't just go for women - this goes for everyone. What happened to gentility and politeness?!

Freya's beautiful post about her Two Days in Rome has got me wanderlusting hugely. I will get there somehow, someday. And I will eat all of the pizza and gelato, Amen.

This week, the trailer for The Danish Girl emerged, and this has award-winning performances written all over it. It looks beautifully filmed and I can't wait to see this one for myself.

Picked up another pair of Rosie for Autograph pyjamas last weekend because they are JUST the softest, comfiest things ever. Treat yoself.

It's a teeny round-up this week because I've mostly been offline soaking up the last of the time with my mum, hopefully you guys understand! I'll be back on Sunday with a new video.

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