This week has been tough. I’ve felt as though I’ve hit a wall – personally, professionally, with my goals and what I try to get done every day. It has felt like a week with a lot of false starts. Maybe it was because it followed such an incredible weekend – Foo Fighters, J’s birthday and a long, lazy Monday brunching and daytripping around in the sun meant that I was in no way prepared to go back to work come Tuesday – and it showed! I felt like I spent the whole day asleep. 

You know those weeks you’re looking forward to bringing to a close? This is one of them. J and I have date night plans for tonight and I’m excited to spend some more quality time together and for us to go on a proper date again! It’s so easy to forget how to do that when you live with somebody.

I hope you guys have had a better week than mine, and have a loved-up weekend ahead. See you Sunday!

It happened. Glossier x Net-a-Porter. *throws money at screen*

Is anyone that bothered about the Apple Pencil? I guess it’s a ‘neat’ idea, but it seems a bit… Unnecessary. I’m sure I felt the same way about the iPad when it first came out, and look at me now. 

Not gonna lie, totally into this Sweet Potato Brownie recipe from Ella’s blog 

As a person usually running late, these time-saving hairstyles would be ideal for me for work 

Although I don’t particularly like The Big Bang Theory anymore, Kaley Cuoco’s interview with Shape magazine was really refreshing. It kinda makes me die when Hollywood actresses say ‘I just eat healthy and that’s how I stay in shape!’ 

This week on a particularly 'feeling-sorry-for-myself' day, I ordered a new Rifle Paper Co planner from Fox and Star and I am crazy excited to get my hands on this bad boy. I think it's going to end up being my *favourite* piece of stationary ever. Yes, I have a favourite piece of stationary. 

Lisa Eldridge did a perfect video about how to find and wear your perfect nude. Hi Lisa, why so flawless. 

In other flawlessness, Beyonce performed last weekend for the first time in forever, and this was part of the outcome. Does that woman get better with age or WHAT?!

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