Somehow it's September, the month in which Autumn begins - a month which for so many represents new beginnings and the start of the next chapter, but for me begins hinting at a difficult part of the year. Whilst I love the colourful leaves and cooler temperature of Autumn, it always feel like we get a heartbeat of this season before winter's chill comes biting again. But for now, I have a month I'm excited to greet ahead of me - J's birthday, trips up North to see old friends and the Rugby World Cup are all waiting, and I find making plans to look forward to helps the drudgery of the longer commutes to work to pass more quickly.

Until those days where blankets come out of linen baskets and the heating somehow finds its way on again, let's make the most of nature's transitional beauty and come together again.

SEE: We've already pencilled in our movie date for Legend, coming out on the 9th. Gents - it's a true story based on the life of the Kray twins, packed to the brim with Oscar-worthy performances. Ladies - it's two Tom Hardys. You do the maths.

LISTEN: I've been pretty obsessed with listening to the Spotify Discover playlist, which is this ingenious new function on Spotify which creates a weekly playlist for you based on your most-loved tracks on Spotify. My picks right now are a mix of totally chilled instrumental stuff combined with Drake and Nicki Minaj. AKA Heaven. Cannot get enough of this platform!

GO: Visit old friends! We're so happy to be planning a visit to some of our oldest friends who are soon welcoming a new addition to the family - it's been over a year since we saw them last, and I can't wait for cups of tea, catch ups and baby bump cuddles with one of my favourite people.

EAT: Well. Deliciously Ella recently collaborated with Waitrose on this banana and raisin loaf which looks so healthful, filling and delicious that I'm almost scared to bake it for fear I'll gobble it all in one sitting. Also, I tried Greengages for the first time ever this month. Mind = blown. I'd take them over candyfloss grapes, which I wasn't such a fan of, any day.

DRINK: I've been downing this Blackcurrant and Blueberry cordial by the bottle this month. Probably not that great for my wallet, but SO TASTY and a better-for-you version of Ribena.

WEAR: Recently picked up my first parka from Zara and I am now staring at the sky, waiting for it to be cold and rainy enough for me to wear it and feel smug. 

Hopefully this month I'll be reading The Rosie Project, which I'm borrowing from a friend. I've heard good things and I'm excited to get stuck in to another good book - isn't the 'break up' period after a really great read the worst?

THINK: Nest is the word I'd use for this month. I have absolutely blitzed my flat, had a huge clear out (does anyone else clear out in September rather than April? Just me?) and I now feel so much more on top of things and organised. I'm really looking forward to making the house nice and cosy over the month in preparation for winter.

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  1. Haha, two Tom Hardys is something I can get on board with!

    It's funny, I know the phrase is "spring cleaning" and it being spring in Australia (FINALLY) I guess now is when I'm meant to start having a big clear out. I think the only time of year that I really routinely feel that way though is around New Years, but it'd be great for me if I tried to do a big spring clean this month so I might just put that on my to do list, and we'll see if I end up getting through it, haha. Also that cordial sounds delicious!

    jessica -


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