I've spoken before about my problem with stationery. It's a long-standing love which I don't see changing anytime soon, especially not holding down a full-time job in publishing. There's just too much pretty to be distracted by. Still, even within the obsession, there are a few pieces which really stand out. To me, it just doesn't get any better than Rifle Paper Co.

I've loved this brand for a long time now - I own a phone case designed by them, and my creepy-stalking of their line carried in Waterstones is bordering on manic. So when I discovered that Fox and Star were going to be stocking their 2015-2016 17 month planner, the decision was made. Sign me up for that waiting list, because this is my jam.

Funnily enough, as if by fate, the day I signed up to the waitlist was the day it was stocked in the online shop, and so I added to cart only a few hours before spying the beautiful thing in the first place. It was a super hard call for me between the two designs on offer (yes, these are the things which are taxing on my mind), but in the end I went for the beautiful china-inspired design above as it was unlike anything I'd seen before. It's so simple and elegant, and it makes me smile every time I look at it!

The planner arrived only a few working days after I ordered it, was carefully packaged up to avoid damage and came with this really thoughtful note, pictured above. I know it sounds silly, but details like this really matter when you're shopping online and this put me in the best mood!

On opening the planner, there's a good-sized section for the usuals - addresses, important dates, notes - as well as a monthly view, and a weekly view. It's a shame there isn't a daily page but with 17 months crammed in to this spiral-bound beauty, you can see why! Space comes at a premium. Everything is totally minimalist but peppered with gorgeous illustrations that we've come to associate with the Rifle Paper Co brand. A favourite of mine is the inlay on the cover, decorated white and gold with a bordered circle saying 'From the desk of....' with a space for your name. Tiny little details that make all the difference!

All in all, this is a lovely personal planner. I think I'll still continue to use another for work, but for my desk at home this is ideal. I'd really recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Rifle Paper Co and their branding, as this would make a lovely addition to your stationery collection.

What do you use as a planner? I'm going to hold my hands up - I've become so addicted to 'Plan with Me' videos! Anyone else?


  1. Oh my gosh this is SO pretty, I'd be scared to touch and write in it!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  2. Tami I am beyond jealous, this looks fabulous! I just bought my own planner and I plan on chucking it onto Instagram as soon as it arrives ;)


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