At the beginning of the year, I chose an intention word of 'simplicity' for 2015, and since then I've been contributing towards a 'Simplify' series on this blog. It's been a little bit since my last update and thankfully August Bank Holiday weekend proved a really productive one for me - I had a huge clear out at home and it was a really healthy, refreshing experience. I thought I'd chat a bit about it today, and give you guys some tips if you're looking to get started and don't want to buy The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. Because who has time to say thanks to their shoes every day?

FIND YOUR PERSON: You might be a lone wolf when it comes to this type of thing, and if you are? I salute you. But all the rest of us that flail around a seemingly huge mountain to climb, you need to find the person that keeps your shit together the most. For me, it's my mum. Then you just need to find a suitable bribe to win them over and/or fool them into helping out.

FIND THE TIME: However long you think this is going to take, double it. That's roughly the amount of time you'll need to do this stuff properly. There's a half-assed way to organise (what I usually do) and a full-on, scary level organisation (what I did do). You can work out for yourself why it took half a day to get my side of the closet done.

GET RUTHLESS: My process of elimination went something along the lines of:
- Does it fit?
- Does it look good on me?
- Do I like how it feels?
- Have I worn it recently/will I wear it come next season?

I also added a fifth question - does it make me happy when I wear it? You'll be surprised how much this weeds out.

GET COUNTING: I promise you don't need five pairs of jeans. Some people find that the minimalist wardrobe blueprint from Into Mind really helps them, but I find this a little too restrictive, I tend to just count out. If I'm looking at weekend pieces, I know I only really need two or three tops, bottoms and pyjamas for weekends or trips away. For work, I like to have a couple of smart trouser options, a couple of smart skirts, one or two work dresses that can double up as formalwear, and two or three work appropriate blouses. Outerwear was narrowed down to one each of: a denim jacket, a mac, a leather jacket, a blazer and a heavy winter coat.

That might seem excessive, but I know myself, and I know how easily I get bored/how difficult I find those 'I hate my body' days. It's good to give yourself the chance to lift your look by revisiting your options.

DONATE, BIN OR BAG: I tend to work with three piles - donating to friends or family, bagging up for charity, or binning. I know I don't need to talk you through what's useful/what isn't to a charity, and where to recycle your clothes to keep them out of landfill. So please remember to clear out responsibly!

EVALUATE: After clearing out, I decided there was room in my closet for a few more pieces but rather than heading on a shopping spree, I'm still taking my time selecting from what's out there. I have a list on my phone which I'll check off as I find each thing, but rather than just mindlessly consuming, I want to buy thoughtfully, ethically, and from brands I know I trust and produce quality items. If that means I have to pay more, at least I'm investing in quality over quantity.

STORE: Now you've done all this hard work, take some time and think about how you're storing your stuff. This doesn't mean blowing the budget on some pretty gold Zara hangers (although, if you can, you lucky thing), but it does mean not having things piled on top of one another. Line your drawers with lavender paper if it makes you happy. Show off your shoes so you can see them all. Keep your handbags in the fabric protectors they came in. Taking care of your things is not just a way of ensuring your investments are well looked after, but it's also a way of showing gratitude. The idea of simplifying is that your clothes become more than just 'things', they become items to be proud of.

I really hope you guys found this useful and honestly, I don't think it's any easier or harder than that! You don't need to buy a book for someone to tell you how to sort yourself out. Just go ahead and get stuck in! You've got this.


  1. Thank you for sharing some great tips here! I feel motivated to clear out my own wardrobe now!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Danielle! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - get going girl! If I can do it, anybody can :) T xx


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