Hey guys - apologies for the lack of photo here, but I'm not in my usual spot as we're spending the weekend up North unexpectedly for a little recharge and rest. I prefilmed this September Faves, so hopefully this is a nice way to tide you over until I'm back making content regularly again - it's packed full of some nice new finds, as well as a stationery pick that I'm totally and completely head over heels for!

I hope wherever you are, your Sunday is peaceful and happy, and the week ahead looks optimistic. We all deserve a little bliss right now!


  1. Have a wonderful, well deserved break!

  2. Hope everything is goimg well for you, Tami. I miss reading your blog and I've been keeping you in my thoughts. Can't wait for you to be back! :)

    xoxo Anna

    1. Anna, thanks so much for this comment - the blog is coming back tomorrow! I'm so excited to bring you guys content I love again, and hopefully you enjoy the new look and feel around here :) Thanks a million for sticking with me. T xx


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