One of my favourite features to write for this blog is 'If You Do One Thing...' - it's usually a personal, chatty post which helps to centre me for the month ahead and put me in a good frame of mind by mentioning things to look forward to. I've missed writing it this month and as we're almost in November now (I know, right?), I thought instead of rushing one for October, I'd use this moment to look back over the last four weeks and what I've been loving the most. Think of it as my 'Favourites' video for this month.

READING: I’ve been obsessed with my Lenny newsletters that are now a regular fixture in my inbox - so much so that when a colleague at work asked about how I read them, purely for research purposes, I went into a little essay about why i enjoy them so much, how I save them for later in their own folder in my inbox. These feel like the digital answer to the vacuum having pen pals as a kid has left.

WATCHING: Narcos - ohhhh wow, this show. If I encourage you to do one thing with your Netflix subscription, it’s watch this. I can’t believe what we watch with each new episode, and my dad’s eternal paranoia around Colombia and safety there is a little more understandable if this was what he was seeing in the news when I was a baby! The guy that plays Pablo Escobar is also a freaking genius.

DOING: Better. The break from the blog and the pressure to ‘keep up’ online has meant that we’ve spent the month more focused on our individual goals and goals as a couple. It’s also meant that we’ve enjoyed some pretty lovely long walks and lazy brunches. Autumn is just the perfect season for this, don’t you think?

THINKING: More consciously. We’re planning our meals weekly and eating from home, meaning our money is lasting a little longer and the food we do eat out is a real treat. I’ve also spent the blogging break thinking more about the kind of adult I want to be and what I’m advocating with my online behaviour. Blog post to follow!

LISTENING: To The Lively Show pretty religiously. If you’re creative and you feel like your soul could use a little nourishing, I strongly encourage you to look to this podcast and its archives. I always finish listening to an episode feeling fuller than I started it. Also, Warm by SG Lewis. Heaven in a song.

WORKING: On myself, which was needed, but also it has been a pretty heavy work month. We had a little PR/social meltdown around the brand I work for which resulted in medication by red wine and burgers. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

WISHING: For a family Christmas. I found out that James and I won’t be able to make it back to Dubai for Christmas which I think bummed me out more than I gave it credit for. I always do better, when missing someone, if I know when I’ll see them next, and that is up in the air now for me and mine. Annoying.

FEELING: All of the autumnal feelings. I really do love this time of year and in Oxfordshire we’ve been really spoilt with the beautiful leaves, carpeting the streets around and setting the sky alight. If it could stay like this and not get any colder until spring, that would be ideal.

MAKING: Cups of tea. Our nightly ritual, upon arriving home, shedding coats and turning on the heating, has been a milky cuppa. I don’t mind it one bit.

October, you've been a tricky and rewarding one. Thanks for helping me get me back.


  1. I'm going to have to check out Nacros, I've been lacking a show to watch with my hubby as he's not watching Once Upon a Time with me. I downloaded The Lively Show, I really need to press play!

    I'm glad you're feeling better now. I had two months off blogging pre-wedding and it was exactly what I needed. It really helps to switch off once in awhile.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Debbie - you should 100% check out Narcos - I know you guys will love it! It's a good one to watch with the dudes :) T xx

  2. I love October and I bet Oxford is beautiful in the autumn with all the colourful leaves :) so glad to hear you are doing better. Looking forward to your "adult goals" post :D xxx

    1. Thanks my baybay - it IS beautiful, and you'd know if you came to visit ;P I'll see you very soon. T xx

  3. I am so pleased that you are back. I look forward to your goals post tooo!!

    1. Thanks so much Bella! It's good to be back. Stay tuned next week! ;) T xx


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