I'm trying to remain as calm as possible right now, but I'll hold my hands up - I'm one of those annoying people that, once Halloween is put to bed, starts to get unapologetically excited about Christmas. Whilst I'm not decking the halls and singing carols quite yet (this month is still a touch too early), I do start making gift lists, begin the annual Harry Potter weekly marathon, and indulge in a LOT of 'I'm A Celebrity...' related fun in November. 

This month is one for wrapping up a little warmer as the colder weather comes, darker evenings warming your hands with a hot cup of something, spending time with loved ones and being grateful for all that you have. I have a fairly blank calendar as I look ahead, but I'm looking forward to filling my planner with adventures.

SEE: There's so much to pencil in! This month marks the last Hunger Games film, which I will definitely be waiting in line for! I also really recommend Garance Doré's Love Style Life series on her YouTube channel to celebrate the release of her upcoming book of the same name - her talk with Jenna Lyons is a particular fav.

LISTEN: In the tiny moments that I'm not playing Hotline Bling, I've really been loving this cover of 'Hold On We're Going Home'. Yes, this is a Drake-themed month. 

GO: I'm not going to lie, my dreams of vacations have been exclusively dedicated to the Soho Farmhouse, a little ways away from where we live, in Chipping Norton. Blissed-out, countryside living with a spa and a milk float cocktail van that delivers drinks to your door? Yessir. 

EAT: Of all of my favourite things about autumn, the food is perhaps my absolute best. Homemade soups, stews, and pies become the normal fare again, and something as simple as cheese on toast can become the antidote to all ills. For me, I'd love to give this Chocolate Guinness Cake a go as the winter chill sets in.

DRINK: I have nothing to say except for Teapigs. All day e'erday. The Creme Caramel Rooibos and Everyday Brews are particular winners.

WEAR: Mostly dreaming of this high neck wool dress from Cos, and I think the two of us deserve to be united with one another. Pair of tights, my Ash boots, and a gratuitous hair tuck for the win.

Over my break I spent many a night with Kinfolk magazine, which should be no surprise as a love of mine, but now there's a Kinfolk Home book? We all know it's only a matter of time before I get my greedy hands on this.

THINK: Recovery is just as important as the work. I'm getting myself into a disciplined structure, which I know I work best with, but a big learning curve for me last month was the acceptance that what we do with our rest time is equally, if not more, important than what we do with our 'game time', so to speak. I'm going to try and carry that forward with me this month.

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