Yes, it's true - I STILL REMEMBER HOW TO RECORD THINGS ON CAMERA. I'm so sorry it has been so long coming for a new YouTube video from me, mainly because I enjoy doing this so much, but today heralds a return to videos for me and is perhaps a slightly different one for my channel. This is more of a chatty, vlog style video talking you through what I'm currently using for my skin on a day-to-day - it isn't the most perfectly produced or slick thing, but actually, I quite like it! I hope you guys enjoy it too. Let me know if you prefer this more casual style of videos!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and are feeling ready to take on the week - I won't mention the 'M' word. Just grab a cuppa and have a watch of this. It'll take up a whole 9 minutes or so of your day.

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