A Sunday trip to Bicester Village with Jaye was on the cards this weekend and, in addition to the strictest of wishlists (necessary when visiting here if you don't earn a six-figure income per year), both of us came with appetites, eager to try out the (fairly) newly-opened Farmshop, an eatery dreamt up by the team behind Soho House. Bicester and the SH group seem like a match-made in heaven and, let's be honest, this place was always going to be an Instagram dream come true, but how would it scrub up against its notorious brothers and sisters elsewhere in the country?

Let's talk interiors to start off with, as the Soho Group's aesthetic is easily its biggest selling point, and that hasn't changed one bit at Bicester. From the branding on the signage outside, to the 'just right' Farrow and Bone-esque shade of green-grey paint on the wooden slatted exterior, to the bowl of oil and balsamic and torn up rustic loaf that greets you before you even ask to be seated, the devil is, as always, in the details here. The high, barn-style ceilings, rustic tables and thick, tea-towel feel napkins made you feel right at home, as though you were stepping into some awesome-ly styled farmer's kitchen. Pinterest potential, everywhere.

We had the bonus of being sat right next to the open kitchen and, with a blustery day outside, I've never been so happy to see an open-fire oven! I can confirm that absolutely everything looked delicious as it was being put together, and the freshest of fresh ingredients sat glistening on large wooden slabs behind us, as the bar to our side was adorned with marble worktops and copper taps. Did I mention how aesthetically pleasing this place is? Because yeah.

As we stepped in to the restaurant, Jaye and I were invited to sample some shots of Farmshop's fresh juices (blissfully ignoring the fact that we had both bought one each from the small Farmshop van parked up at the entrance to the Village). I tried the Citrus, and Red, and having bought the Ginger earlier I can confirm I thoroughly enjoyed all three, although I'd say for the less adventurous, stick to Citrus or Ginger. Jaye had the Green juice and that was a little heavy on the celery for both of us!

For our meal, Jaye ordered an elderflower and mint cordial whilst I plumped for their homestyle lemonade, which was so delicious I practically downed it! We both opted for a Farmshop burger and fries which, as you can see above, was insanely mouth-watering. Mature cheddar cheese, a perfectly-cooked patty and onions fried in balsamic definitely shut Jaye and I both up for a good ten minutes as we enjoyed every mouthful, making appreciative noises at one another and nodding. The fries were also ridiculously good - something like how I imagine Jamie Oliver's famous 'thrice-cooked chips' to taste - crunchy and crispy on the outside yet deliciously soft and fluffy within. Incredible.

The menu was vast and I'd definitely be interested in trying something different next time - a gentleman at the table next to ours had ham, egg and chips which looked stunning, and Jaye made proper heart-eyes at some avocado toast! We also noticed a huge homestyle apple pie making its way from kitchen to table so someone could be cut a slice - amazing. I should also comment on how alarmingly fast the service was, and our waitress was so attentive, always checking in and asking us how we were enjoying the food and if we needed anything.

So it's a very enthusiastic two thumbs up from me and a high recommendation - if the Soho Farmhouse in Chipping is anything like this, count me very much in for a stay in the near future! Birthday present, anyone? Bueller?


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  2. I only had some overpriced salad for lunch so that burger is looking mighty scrumptious! Especially with that knife right down the middle hahaha. I saw your and Jaye's instagram of the food + shopping, very jelly hehe ;)

    Cherie x
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