I've never been so happy to say hello to a new month as I have to this February - what a brutal January it was this year! I'm not sure if everyone felt this way or if it was maybe just for me and mine, but it was a tough old month, which paired with a tricky house move contributed to my silence on here - my bad, guys! I want to address some of those issues in a post for another day, but for now I wanted to get back into an old favourite post of mine.

These 'If You Do One Thing...' posts really helped get me excited and eager for the coming months when I wrote them regularly, and it's something I definitely want to bring back for this year. It seems, like everyone else's, that my time flies by without me realising where it went, and I want to try and be a little more mindful of that through writing things like this post. Hopefully you enjoy this little round-up too!

SEE: I'm really desperate to check out some of the Oscar-nominated movies ahead of the ceremony in March, not least The Danish Girl and The Revenant (I know, where have I been?!), but for something a little different I'd quite like to go and see the Andy Warhol exhibition on at the Ash in Oxford. 

LISTEN: The only logical answer feels like Formation, because a new year isn't a new year without BeyoncĂ© breaking the internet at least once. The video is a masterpiece, the song really grows on you, and she's just announced a world tour which will be hitting the UK on my birthday. YAAAAAAAS.

GO: Out with new friends. We've loved being able to be more social on our weekdays and weekends as a result of moving back to the centre of Oxford, and it really reminded me how great it can be to just go have a drink or burgers or a dance with people you love being around. Still working on the 'balance' part of this, but I figure I owe myself a little adventure!

EAT: Better. The move has definitely taken a toll on J and I in terms of our meal planning and fitness regime, and we're both very keen to get back into good habits. He's been helping me with meal prepping on a Sunday, and I will be spending this week thumbing through my cookbooks to try and introduce some new, healthier staples into our go-to meals.

DRINK: This first weekend (just gone) of February, I had my first Joe & The Juice. I ordered an Energizer. It was monumental. It was £4.20. It helped my poor, sickening ass get through an hour-long reformer Pilates session. I would do it all again. 

WEAR: I recently was lucky enough to win some goodies and above mentioned Pilates class from American Eagle UK, and have been living in these leggings ever since. #noregrets

I've been SO out of the loop with reading anything consistently that I think I'm going to ease myself back into things with magazines and recipe books. My beautiful Jaye gifted me The Kinfolk Table, which is a happy marriage of both and I am chomping at the bit to get into!

THINK: Healing. For reasons I'll get into eventually or maybe not at all, January was a really painful month for me and my friends, and I think February needs to do some soothing and a little making up to us all. We're going to make this a peaceful, warm, happy and snuggly month, okay Feb? I'm glad we're agreed.

I'm so happy to be back posting for you and THANK YOU for baring with me - hopefully things will feel back to normal around here now!


  1. I haven't seen any Oscar nominated movies either! Feel like I should marathon them but I don't have the time lol


    1. It's really difficult to keep on top of all of them, but I try and make a little time to watch the ones I'm super interested in every year! Hope you get some ticked off your list, Carlota :) T x

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Christina - it's a Kikki.K journal - you can find them here: http://www.kikki-k.com/ Hope this helps! T x

  3. Sorry that you didn't have a good month for January! I hope February makes up for it! :)
    Also, where did you get that journal? It's lovely!


    1. Hi Linda! It's a Kikki.K journal - you can find them here: http://www.kikki-k.com/

      February is already such a better month :) Keep moving forward! T xx


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