Back in early February I went to visit Jaye in central London for a day of Pilates and much-needed girl-time, with one request: take me to the Kikki.K store in Covent Garden! I'd heard about this stationery lovers' paradise and seen a couple of their planner videos online so when Jaye let me know that there was a pop-up store coming to London (that has now been made permanent), it was a no-brainer. Stationery + me = true love.

I'm planning a post for this week about how I organise my time which will feature a couple of the products I hauled from Kikki.K, but let's summate the whole experience by saying I spent over £50 in-store and I'd DO IT ALL AGAIN. Yes, I might have a problem.

On my wishlist before I had reached the shop itself was the copper rollerball pen I'd seen on a couple of blogs - I mean, at this point, the rule with me is 'ALL COPPER EVERYTHING', but having used this pen now I can say it's really nicely weighted, writes like a dream (rollerballs are just the best, aren't they?) and looks super profesh on your desk. I'd definitely stock up if you're a bit keen on nice writing wares.

Another product that had been of interest was the Mindfulness journal, not least because one of my goals (and my intention word) for the year has been balance. My hope is that using this and the preset triggers inside to reflect after each month will help refocus me every time I sit down to do this, and keep me in check with what I'm hoping to achieve and where I'm trying to get to within myself.

Pure impulse buys were the Healthy Habits inspiration box which was just so damn cute, and if you can resist things like this (can we talk about the STICKERS?!) you're a stronger person than I. I'm still working out how to use this one, but I'll report back.

I also picked up the weekly goals tear-off notepad which sits on my desk and is a part of my routine now - more about this soon - and the magnetic shopping list pad, which sits on my fridge. I'm in love with both and they've been so helpful in keeping me on track and organised - can't recommend highly enough!

Basically, if you've got a soft spot for all things stationery and organisation, prepare to drop some serious dollar if you're ever within the vicinity of a bricks and mortar shop - the stuff is just too beautiful, too well designed, and at too good a price point to miss! Definitely one to check out.

Have you used any Kikki.K products? What did you think? Enable me!  


  1. Uhhhh yeah, I used to work at Kikki K. Having that staff discount was dangerouuuus. Honestly, if I had a life that required organising I would be there ALL THE TIME. I always want their diaries but sadly, I have no life, so therefore no use for a diary. One day! That mindefulness dairy looks sooooo nice!!

    1. BRODIE - how did you do it?! I'd just spend my whole paycheque in one go! The diary is beautiful but I now have my eye on the Goals and Habits one - SIGHS. It's a neverending addiction! T xx

    2. I just went in today and nearly bought myself a Weekly Planner than I knew I wouldn't use - SO PRETTY THOUGH. Did you know that there is such a thing as Kikki K handwriting? It's on all their display books. THAT is the sole reason for my purchasing, I SWEAR.

  2. Yaaaaay Kikki K! So proud that they're an Aussie brand hehe :D I've been a fan of theirs for years, their swedish style is so beautiful and I love that they've branched into homewares. I have so many trinkets from them and my diary for the last couple of years has been Kikki K!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I love em - totally addicted. I already have my eye on one of their large planners! Thanks so much for reading and commenting Tasha. T xx


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