This long weekend just gone has been the kind that makes you wish all of your days were sunny, long, spent with friends, adventuring. I wanted to hold onto it with both hands and filled it with activities, but maybe my favourite day (oddly) was the last one. My love affair with Bath isn't news, but the Monday we spent there was one of those perfect days - you know, the ones you want to crystallise and keep forever?

We arrived early afternoon and after a little walk around the city with our exploring companions (their first time!), we stopped in to The Stable for some pretty delicious pizzas. Flavours great, service and cleanliness not so much, but I'm forgiving. I tried the Fresh Hawaiian and it was beauts - sweet, fresh pineapple with gorgeous thick, salty ham. I'm gonna stop now because WOW, hunger pains are real.

After lunch, fuelled up on pizzas and some cheeky pick and mix from Hardy's sweet shop, we headed off in search of Green Park Market - a little vintage antiques and clothes fair we were hunting around for - our lateness meant we sadly missed a lot of the stalls but there was still plenty to look at and a new spot that caught my eye - Beyond the Kale - I'll be heading back!

The market took us back into town via the Assembly Rooms - kinda a Georgian version of 'da club'. Young people would socialise and get together here for dances and society occasions. Made me giggle in a really stupid, immature way, thinking of girls obsessing over what ribbons to wear.

We finished the whole day off with a long walk around the hills surrounding the city and took in the views - it was just such a great mix of good food, good friends, wandering aimlessly and exploring some greenery in the sun. I couldn't have asked for a better end to my holiday.

I've popped some photos up here but for more, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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