So, it's no secret - I'm a bit of a stationery hoarder, and any loose excuse I can find to buy another planner is probably more than enough justification for me to take the plunge and commit. Having said that, I have been making a real effort lately to use what I have and create a system that works for me. I work a full-time job, (try to!) contribute to my blog regularly, write for personal interest, am trying to pitch and build up a freelance portfolio AND manage a household, have a social life, be actively involved in and enjoying my relationship with my boyfriend etc. etc. It doesn't sound like a lot but trust me - it can get on top of you if you let it!

One thing I've been trying to do more of this year is balance, and whilst the first quarter of the year has been a lot about reconnecting with who I am, doing things that keep my spirit happy and spending quality time with friends and my loved ones, I'm hoping this second quarter will be a really great career one for me and see the launch of some exciting projects. Still, to meet that goal and really commit to doing more work, I need to make space for it in my life.

Here are some of the tools I use and how I use them to stay on top of my to-dos.

Rifle Paper Co 2016 - 2017 planner: This is my 'hard copy' blueprint for my week. I copy down events and meetings from my Outlook calendar at work, and then weekly gym classes, personal training appointments, dinners I have planned, and things I want to achieve, once a week. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday I'll look ahead and plan out the week view for the week coming. One of the things I like most about this planner is the 'tick box' format underneath each day - your schedule literally becomes a to-do list. In this way it's quite similar to bullet journalling, something else I'm interested in looking into as a system. I can forward on tasks to the next day if they don't get done, tick off as I go, and flag anything I've missed. I'm also the kind of person that just finds a 'tick off the list' IMMENSELY satisfying.

I also use the month view at the beginning of the planner to get a rough idea of how my year is shaping up, when I have events and when I need to request holiday from work. This is also really handy to use to block in public holidays and keep handy for when I'm making plans in advance with friends.

Kikki.K Weekly Goals checklist: This. Little. Pad. I love it. It's broken down into three sections - your overriding goals for the year, which don't change, your weekly goals that contribute to the bigger goals above, and then a day-by-day checklist of tasks to help you achieve those weekly goals. There's also a super handy notes section for anything you need to remember, and a 'reward' box to give you a little incentive for ticking everything off during the week. It makes staying on top of your goals and the 'little things' we so often forget SO. EASY. And more boxes for me to tick. And when I tick them all I get a little prize? Challenge. Accepted.

Kikki.K Shopping List: Having this on the fridge is so handy - as we run out of things, we add them to the list, and then once a week tear it off and take it on our weekly shop. The pad is categorised so really helps when you're in-store as you just follow the layout of the shop. This has also made meal planning a lot easier as we can write on what we need as we go, and always stay on top of what we're running out of quickest. It's such a simple idea, that makes our life so much easier and expedites the food shop which is A-OK with me - I hate it!

So these are the three written systems I use to keep on top of my stuff, and I have to say using all three in conjunction with each other is really working for me right now! Do you have a preferred system when planning out your time? Anything I should know about? ALSO - does anyone have any experience bullet journalling, and would you let me know if it's working for you? I'm always open to new ideas!

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