Here's the truth - I have a problem writing this post. And my problem is this - most of these products are items I've purposefully avoided because of a hefty price tag. I hate recommending things that I can't endorse price-wise and, realistically, I don't think you should be looking at beyond the £40 for skincare - and that's holding down a full-time job. I'm all for you get what you pay for, but upwards of £60 for something I am literally applying to my face just seems insane to me.

And yet. Here I am, about to talk about these products, because I am a sucker for a GWP and all of these miniatures somehow found their way to me - who am I to question beauty maths? I'll be talking more about how I got my mitts on these products in a haul to come (keep your eyes peeled on my Youtube channel for more), but for now, let me run you through the latest upgrades to my skincare routine.

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser, £34 - I'd heard a lot about this cleanser, often mentioned alongside my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, as it seems the two are really comparable. I have to say after using this though, even my Oskia can't compete with the level of radiance this brings to my skin. After first use, I noticed my skin had a 'lit from within' glow, and just looked much healthier, smoother, its texture was improved - my skin was baby soft! I was so annoyed - the LAST thing I needed was to love another cleanser, especially as I had just restocked my Oskia on - but dang. This stuff is a good skin day in a bottle. It's also super luxurious feeling - almost like applying a light moisturiser to my skin. I absolutely love it, and I have an inkling that this won't be my last bottle...

Tata Harper Repairative Moisturiser, £84 - Aaaand here's where my problems start. Let me make this clear: £84 is too much money to spend on a moisturiser. The rate that you go through this product with everyday use, day and night, £84 is not sustainable to spend on this kind of product. Having said that, this moisturiser is the ONLY one I've tried that has delivered everything I've ever wanted from a moisturising cream. Glow, luminosity, hydration and plumping to my skin without being greasy, it controls my oil production on the surface of my skin and soaks into my pores comfortably within seconds. It also battles the redness I'm prone to on my chin, around my nose and on my cheeks. This paired with the quality of all-natural ingredients and the cruelty-free promise from Tata Harper makes for a pretty irresistible offer. But £85?! Wow. Break my heart whydoncha Tata.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, £48 - At £48 for the travel size, this is perhaps the most offensive price tag for something that is a total princess product. I was so determined to find nothing remarkable about this. It is, after all, something you spray on your face. But I notice the difference when I use this mist, compared to when I don't. My skin looks more refreshed, brighter, and more refined. My pores are smaller. My face feels more comfortable throughout the day. I tried really hard not to like this. But damn if it isn't the nicest princess product ever.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley, £85 - And finally maybe the most 'cult' of them all, the Luna oil from Sunday Riley. It's well raved-about and deservedly so - this weird, thick, blue, gloopy serum that smells of something marshmallow-y is a final step, pressed into skin before sleeping - if you have white pillowcases, be warned. This stuff goes on blue and whilst it turns invisible once rubbed into the skin, it does give a blue cast and will take a minute or two to sink in enough so that it won't stain white sheets. This softens, brightens, illuminates and evens skin tone - something I noticed the morning after first use. I live in a really, really dry flat and I can still feel the deeply moisturising qualities of this oil the morning after I use it. It really is a star product and if you can get over the fact that you're applying blue algae to your face, it does do wonderful things to your night routine. Is it worth the price tag? Actually, it's about as close as I go to saying a product deserves a high price tag. Luna is pure luxury and, whilst it might not be worth EVERY penny, it's worth a lot of 'em.

What are your 'princess products'? Are there any excruciatingly expensive skincare products you can't be without? 


  1. Emma Hardie Moringa forever!! Damn luxe skincare and my badly paid job!

  2. !!! damn I've been hearing SO MUCH about the Aurelia cleanser that every time I walk by the stand in Liberty I really just want to sweep some of it into my bag aka robbery aka theft which I will not succumb. That said, I really do still want to try it bc of what it claims to do... grrr. Tbh I don't think I have anything *that* expensive I used and really liked? The priciest thing I've purchased was the Odacite Pa + G serum that smelled like heaven on my face but did nothing for my hyperpigmentation - which it's supposed to help with >:(

    I suppose the fanciest products I really really love (but not necessarily putting me out of pocket) is my love for the REN glycolactic peel mask? That stuff is good. And works! But whoa the full size ain't cheap, and I'm rationing my travel size one for now!

    Cherie | sinonym

  3. Been loving Luna! Almost out of it, and ran out of Good Genes, and my skin is fricking annoyed by its absence!

  4. Getting to try out samples of products in this kind of price bracket is so great because if we couldn't try before we buy most of us wouldn't even look twice as products that are this expensive. Personally I'd probably only spend that kind of money on a serum that I know has lots of active ingredients in it that are really doing good things for my skin. As nice as it would be to have the Queen of Hungary mist if I ever owned it I'd probably class it as being "too special" and then never use it for fear of running out - the irony!

    Jessica -


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