Few things in life make me happier than when someone gives me a shortcut to something I want, and from the moment I laid eyes on the Kat Von D Shade and Light eye contour palette, I knew that it could do good things for me. One of quite a few much-raved about products from her cosmetics line, Kat definitely brought her A game when she dreamt this baby up. Let's run through why I've been reaching for this so much since I got it back early this year...

I'M BASIC AS FUH: This palette literally takes the brains out of most eye looks. Not only does KVD give you around ten variations on base lid colours, crease colours and deeper shades (and offers you unlimited combos because, hey, what's up, they basically all work with one another), this palette also comes with a 'lookbook' of Kat's suggested pairings and how to put looks together. And outside of being a tattoo artist, have you ever seen this woman's make up? The lady knows what she's talking about.

THE 90S ARE BACK: No secret here - these colours lean towards the warm, browny tones which are completely on-trend right now and would basically make perfect partners for those Kylie Jenner lip kits the kids are going crazy for these days. I know. I'm a relic. FML. On a serious note, if you're more of a cool-toned gyal, you might want to look into other options from Kat's line - there's not much for you here. But if you (like me) enjoy a warm-toned eye look, this is your safe place. Go play.

DEM SHADOWS: Buttery soft, velvet smooth and pigmented as all hell - I REALLY like this formulation of shadow. If I had one tiny qualm it would be the rubberised packaging paired with this fall-y out-y-est of shadow formulations (seriously, they get everywhere!) but it's really pretty inconsequential. The product is wonderful - pigmented upon first swatch, ideal to pack on, and beautiful to blend and work with. But ladies be warned - there WILL be fallout.

BUT REALLY, I AM SO BASIC: The real selling point here for me is how versatile this palette is. I can go for a really dramatic contoured smoky eye look, or I can keep things simple with an all over wash of nude colour on the lid and a little soft shadow through the crease for a work appropriate look. It's by-far my most reached-for palette at the moment (above my Lorac Pro - shock horror!) and I can't see that changing through spring and summer. Home run, Kat!

Have you tried anything from Kat Von D's make up line? What are your favourites? 


  1. I haven't tried anything from the Kat Von D range yet but the liquid lipsticks and the tattoo liner are on my radar!

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe

  2. I actually just picked this up recently myself. I bought the Tartelette In Bloom palette from Sephora Australia and when it arrived one of the shadows was cracked but by then they were out of stock so instead of replacing it they offered me a $15 voucher which I decided to use on the Shade & Light Eye Palette.

    I'm not sure why exactly but I love a good matte palette, although I always add something shimmery to the first two thirds of my lid matte shades are so versatile and I definitely get more wear out of my palettes with half or more matte shades in there than the ones with one or two mattes and the rest are shimmers (ahem, UD Naked Palettes). Chances are I'm going to use 2-3 or more matte shades every day and probably only one shimmer so it stands to reason that the palettes I reach for the most have that kind of setup. Plus the formula of the KVD shadows is incredible!

    Jessica - littlehenrylee.net

  3. Ah I love my Lorac pro palette! I seriously considered buying this palette as well but I think it's a little too warm toned for me so I'll hold out to get more of a cool toned palette. Shame though, this looks so good!



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