It was only when I started putting together a little compilation of my most reached-for beauty bits lately that I suddenly realised there was a definite vibe going on here. Pink is having a MAJOR moment this year and as if it wasn't enough that it's one of Pantone's colours of the year, it's also enjoying this whole 90s renaissance thing that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Pink and blush tones are creeping their way into our clothes, our interior sensibilities and now my make up bag, it seems, and I can't say I really mind it. Here's a quick rundown of the beauty bits helping me stay on the right side of petal-coloured...

MAC ALL THAT GLITTERS (top right as pictured in MAC palette, above): An old fave, but I had to give this perfect peachy-pinky-champagney shade a shoutout, purely because it is one of the best for giving an all-over wash of colour that brings some light and life to your face. Let's be honest, pink eyeshadow was never going to feature on here, but I think this pearlescent shade is about as close as I come to endorsing these tones on the lid.

KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK IN LOLITA: New to me and already a solid candidate for upcoming favourites videos, this lipstick is gorgeous. It's a little more of a brown-y tawny rose than I'd usually go for, but it does settle to look beautiful on the lips and give you that 90s neutral pout. I'd imagine it's not a shade that will suit all, so give it a swatch first and see what you think once it dries down! The formula of these lipsticks took me a little while to get used to (the applicator is so long! The liquid is so runny!) but once you work out how to use them, the pigment is a dream and the longevity a revelation. I can see why they're so often talked about and would LOVE to try some more shades from the range, maybe that dark and purpley 'Damned' colour I keep seeing everywhere.

BITE BEAUTY HANDCUT LIPSTICK IN ROSEWOOD: Another rose-y pink with brown undertones, this has barely left my lips through the last few colder months here in the UK. It leans on the neutral side of rose tones and is perfect for the office, or date night. The formula of these lipsticks is really moisturising, soft and creamy and the pigment is gorgeous, as I've come to expect from Bite now. One thing I will say is the shape of the lipstick does make it a little tricky to apply, but take your time and it'll be worth the extra effort, I promise!

RIMMEL 60 SECOND BLUSH IN SANTA ROSE: So simple, so beautiful, such a long-time love of mine and one I speak about often, but it's so deserved. This is my tawny blush of dreams, giving you just enough colour to look flirty and full of life in the cheeks, but not imposing in any way, and this seriously compliments any make up look. Whenever I'm a bit lost as to what blush shade to go for, this is the one I always come back to. A total failsafe.

FAIRYDROPS SCANDAL QUEEN MASCARA: Ok, it's not a pink mascara, but dat packaging doe. I'm learning more and more every time I use this just how much I appreciate it as a mascara and, what it lacks in volume it makes up for in natural, fluttery looking lashes that you can build and build up and will. never. clump. Seriously. I don't know how it does it. Gorgeous for everyday, understated looks.

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