In case I haven't mentioned it enough, I'm heading home to Dubai to see my family at the end of this month, and I am so, so excited to head to the sun and sea with little on the agenda but quality time and relaxing. Late April to early May in Dubai is serious stuff - temperatures tend to hover between 35 and 37 degrees celcius - around the 90s in fahrenheit, if I've done my maths correctly, so paper thin layers and breathable fabrics are the order of the day. I'll be splitting my time between the beach and pool and shopping malls/restaurants and cafes with my family, so while most of my clothing can be relaxed, I need versatile interchangeable pieces. I also always try to be mindful of culture when I visit, despite how relaxed Dubai can be, particularly as I'm half Arabic. You will not find me faffing about in stringy tops and mini skirts any time soon.

Some fashion-y things I'm kind of obsessed with - button-up midi skirts (pretty sure my mum owned at least 10 of these in the 90s), wrap tops and skirts, anything embellished with pom-poms (who am I?) and off-the-shoulder everything. Expect to see a lot of this in my holiday snaps.

Clockwise from top left: Topshop midi dress, Whistles skirt, Sweaty Betty yoga mat bag, Whistles Bardot top, Topshop wrap body, The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, River Island wrap skirt, Topshop wooden wedges, Chloe Drew bag, ASOS printed palazzo pants, Topshop lace-up sandals, Quay Australia sunglasses, River Island swimsuit


  1. WOOOOO! Dubai fun times. Have a great hol! xx

  2. I got super into off the shoulder tops/dresses during my last summer (over Christmas) because they're so comfortable and breezy and lovely! Plus if you get them with sleeves then you won't feel too exposed, and won't actually be too exposed to the sun in Dubai either. Hope you have fun on your holiday! :)

    Jessica -


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