I'm not gonna lie... I've had worse offices than the one I'm writing to you from today. Currently, it's 30-something degrees outside, the sun is shining, and my Bank Holiday weekend has consisted of sitting poolside and getting a teeny tiny sunburn - it's good to be back in Dubai. And whilst the first half of my month is here, I'm hoping I can bring some sunshine back with me when I return back home, recharged and ready to go... But that's a little while away yet. More cocktails.

Here's a roundup of the stuff I'm most looking forward to in the upcoming month - I hope it's a gorgeous one for you. My calendar is packed full with events, trips away and outside adventuring with friends, and I can't wait. Two Bank Holidays - who can argue with that?!

SEE: There's not a whole lot I feel tremendously excited by at the cinema or on TV lately - we're still in a bit of a comedown from The People vs. OJ (incredible - go watch now) and staying loyal to our one true love, Game of Thrones. (Sidenote: THE EPISODE TODAY BLEW MY MIND). I feel like I should also recommend Lemonade here as its a visual album and the movie is just amazing, but since it's a recommendation in the 'Listen' section, I'll abstain. 

LISTEN: As expected, the new Drake and Beyonce releases were incredible, so I've been pretty much listening to Views and Lemonade exclusively for the past few weeks, and I don't see it changing anytime soon! My favourite tracks from both respectively are 'Too Good', 'Controlla' and 'Feel No Way' from Views, and 'Sorry', 'Love Drought', 'Don't Hurt Yourself' and 'Freedom' from Lemonade but BOTH ARE SO GOOD.

GO: To the sea! Obviously being in Dubai we're spending a lot of time beachside, and getting that salty air is doing me no end of good, but we'll also be spending some time along the coast of Ireland in Killiney for our close friends' wedding reception and heading down to Poole for a seaside adventure at some point. There's never been a better time to get coastal. 

EAT: All the froyo. I tried my first Yoghurtland - do we have this in the UK?! - on this holiday and I LOVED IT. This is the most ice cream-tasting frozen yoghurt ever and I love the self-serve aspect of it, plus all those different flavours... Peanut butter frozen yoghurt?! YAS PLEASE.

DRINK: Mint Lemonade is a speciality here in the Middle East and honestly, nothing else is more refreshing. Make your own with this recipe.

WEAR: This palm print jumpsuit which I have been quietly obsessed with for a while now and I FINALLY BOUGHT IT for holiday/a couple of festivals I'm attending this summer. As soon as I tried it on it was love.

I picked up 'Versions of Us' to read by the pool whilst on holiday and I'm really enjoying it so far! Next on my agenda is starting a book club with some good friends - any suggestions for what our first read should be? 

THINK: Attraction. I want to start focusing more on what I'm attracting into my life and putting positive, good vibes out into the world. It might sound a little 'woo woo' but with everything I have going on in terms of personal projects, I really want to create a motivated, forthright energy around my home and work.

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