After quite an indulgent start to the month with our big holiday in Dubai, J and I returned home eager to get back to basics and back in touch with our individual goals for our health and fitness this year. I've been working pretty hard to be accountable this year, and getting 'in shape' and stronger for myself has been a big priority of mine. I touched on this briefly in my 'Balance' post and my 'Health Update', and it's something I'll be updating you on more frequently, if you're interested?

To that end, we decided to pick up Lean In 15, having seen The Body Coach stuff EVERYWHERE and, admittedly, falling prey to the kinda genius marketing scheme of having 15 second cooking videos on Facebook. Fair play Joe, you got me.

I was more than a little sceptical as it seemed to me this chap, lovely as he was, had popped out of nowhere and become an overnight sensation, which I'm always wary of. However, J was keen and I'm always up for giving anything that might help health-wise a go. So we bought the book and, for one week, ate solidly from the recipes inside. And we haven't gone back.

I cannot stress enough how easy cooking has been made in this book. Portion and serving sizes are made crystal clear, instructions are quick and easy to follow, and as for taste? We've absolutely loved everything we've tried. Some particular highlights were his version of carb-free beef stroganoff, chicken and chorizo salad with mozzarella, and chicken and new potato hash. Meals are filling but perfectly portion-controlled, and don't compromise anything in terms of flavour. I'm a convert, guys. Joe, or whoever designs his recipes with him if he has someone, really knows his/her freaking stuff.

I can't speak for the workouts as J hasn't started the workout programme yet and I'm following a different fitness plan (I'll speak more on this later if you'd like), but from thumbing through I'd say the plan is a great place to start if you're looking for a kick up the butt and something manageable that you can do yourself from home. If you're happy with your gym programme but are just looking for some simple, mostly-clean recipes that you can make quickly and easily, I'd say don't walk, run. This is SUCH a great weapon to have in your arsenal and makes meal planning on the weekends a dream.

If you'd like to know more about how we use this book to meal plan, I can do a specific post on that too, but I did just want to give this some love, as I've found it so helpful to have in the kitchen! If you're debating about getting it but are wary of the hype, give it a go! You'll be glad you did.


  1. Thanks for this review, I've dipped into his Instagram account and he seems very full on. Heard a lot about his recipes and one of my friends is obsessed with him so maybe it's finally time to give this a shot?

    1. Yeah, he did annoy my boyf! But having tried the meals, I'm really impressed - a lot of people talk about the fat/calorie content but really, it's about common sense, moderation and portion size - I love the ethos behind it! I'm a big fan :) T xx


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