Every time I come 'home' - I use that word in the truest 'expat kid' sense - to Dubai, it feels like a thousand things have changed. A new bloom of cranes on different patches of sand, a new fee to pay for something that used to be free. There are good changes too - something else I find that I didn't know I could get here - Lululemon and Ripe organic food and craft market springs to mind. One such thing I found last week, tucked away unassumingly in Al Quoz. A little cafe-resto called Tom & Serg, that i'd heard so much about on Instagram and Twitter from those more in-the-know than me.

Let me set the scene for you - this feels like it would be at home in London, and not to use a word that rhymes with 'pipster', you get a strong vibe that this is a different kind of joint than your regular Dubai fare. Givenchy bags and oversized sunglasses are dropped at the front, warehouse style door. Indeed, the restaurant itself could easily be missed - set in an up-and-coming, new artsy district, whilst the frontage is glass and allows the place to be flooded by natural light, it does reside in a pretty quiet, unassuming shopping mall. But don't be fooled - if you're visiting Dubai, this place is worth the trek.

My mum and I came here once for breakfast - salted caramel french toast and sourdough with jam and peanut butter which we split - both of which were absolutely fantastic. The french toast had a perfect crunch to the outside, whilst being soft and fluffy within, the salted caramel just sweet and tangy enough to be mouth-watering. The sourdough was crisp and flavourful, the jam and peanut butter a gorgeous combo. I don't know what nut butter they use here/if they make their own, but it was relish. My mum was also super grateful for the variety of coffees and said that hers, whilst small, was perfectly formed. I had a chai latte, stronger than any I've ever had, but nonetheless a great compliment to quite a sweet, sugary meal. I still have dreams about that french toast. I don't think they'll ever leave me.

We returned for a quick pitstop and to grab something on the menu that had tempted us before, but we thought the double salted caramel would be overkill - their salted caramel milkshakes. These were gorgeous - malty but not too think, frothy and creamy, and the salt and caramel balance was once again, right on target. We paired this with a BLT which we were both a little underwhelmed by as it was a little on the oily side, but this could have just been too much on top of the heavy shake. Both of us agreed though - stick to breakfast. Tom & Serg have that shit on lock.

I'm a little more aware, after some Instagram research (stalking? research?) that Tom & Serg are the guys behind S.A.L.T., the food truck that kinda started the whole craze for Dubai, and they've got a couple of other irons in the fire too, including a laid-back sports bar in Mall of the Emirates. All seem stylish, minimalist, effortless and unassumingly good at what they do. T&S is a new breed of eatery for the UAE and honestly, I can't wait to see what these guys do next. 

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