Forty degree heat + heavy handbag is maths that I don't want to do, so for today's post I thought I'd give you a very quick, very honest and unedited, whistle-stop tour of what makes the cut everyday into my Chloe Drew bag because, let's face it, a Dubai edit of products is going to be about as streamlined as I get.

First up, my 'My Girl' sunglasses from Quay Australia are a firm fave now - I'm so happy I picked these up for holiday as they're the perfect blend of a vampy, statement 50s style shade, whilst still having the cool reflective mirrored lens to keep them fresh and current. Little details like the matte rubberised frames and the gold lining around the top of the lenses really make the sunglasses quite unique and luxe for a price that isn't TOO crazy (I'm looking at you, Dior So Real glasses).

My Kate Spade purse and key holder, both Bicester Village finds, rarely leave anything I'm carrying because my life is in both of them and I'm too forgetful to pare anything down. You know those people that can live with just a minimalist card holder? I envy you. Well done you. I'll be here lugging my brick around.

Three lip products were floating around in there because I'm nothing if not an option lover. Floating around in there today was Kat Von D everlasting liquid matte lipstick in Lolita, Nars Velvet Matte lipstick in Iberico and Nars Satin Finish lipstick in Descanso.

My iPhone is out of shot but obvs, I cannot be without it (sad but true - follow me on Snapchat 'tamirachats' to follow what I've been up to on hols!). And then some tissues because if you have ever met me, you know how often I spill everything and anything on my clothes. Ice cream and Tami. What a sight to behold for the Dubai public.

What makes your 'ride or die' cut for your handbag? 

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