Last month was one which included a lot of travel for me, two long haul flights and two short ones, and with so much time out of the house and not in my own bed (as well as generally being a little bit of a nervous flier), my nights were quite sleepless too. The travelling, time in recycled cabin air, and poor sleep meant some serious under-eye bags were happening (chic) - so there was no better time to road test the two eye masks above and give you my full, puffy, dark-circle laden opinion.

Both eye masks take the form of sheet masks and both came in similar packaging - drenched pads, kept between sheets of sheer plastic to make sure the product stayed together.

VERSO: This definitely felt like the mask with the most product and the Verso did make use of more packaging than the Sephora mask, although this felt a little extraneous. This was indeed the one with the most active ingredients 'doing' stuff - I'm not sure if it was the addition of retinol, but I felt a real tightening, tingling feeling upon using this mask.

As for visible results, I definitely felt that this brightened and tightened my under eye area visibly and noticeably, although sadly in the test photos I took for both products, the difference didn't really come across on camera for either of them. However this did give me a 'pep up' and I felt a lot happier that puffiness and dark circles had both been reduced under my eyes.

SEPHORA: Love the packaging, love the look of these masks and I love the variety - alongside this one, there's plenty of other eye masks to choose from, depending on your complaint. These also feel lovely and soothing on the skin - very cooling - but my problem with both these eye masks and the sheet masks from Sephora is that the material comes absolutely drenched in product, to the point where it seeps out into places you don't want it and is almost gloopy.

Adversely when compared to the Verso, I didn't really feel like at the end of the fifteen minutes I kept this mask on for, it had really 'done' anything. I checked to make sure I had had it on for long enough, but it felt much the same going on as it had coming off. I massaged in the excess to the area as directed (there was a LOT of excess) and actually the most rewarding part of this mask came after it was off - as the product dries, it cools, tightens and refreshes the under eye really well. Visibly the skin under my eyes was smoother and more hydrated, and looked a lot less puffy. I hadn't been expecting the result, but was pleasantly surprised!

SO, WHO WINS? Actually, both! For very different reasons - for price, variety and value for money, you can't beat Sephora. You just won't do it - these are great masks for the price point, if a little tame on the results side of things. Having said that, if you have £40 to drop (the Verso masks work out at £5 each in a pack of 8) and you want something noticeable and a fast, effective treatment, Verso is the way to go. I definitely saw a more instant, noticeable result, both in appearance and texture. But they're both winners to me!

Have you guys tried any other eye masks? Any recommendations?


  1. I love face masks! I've heard people rave about Sephoras! I'll have to give it a try!

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for commenting. You definitely have to try the masks if you get the opportunity to - they're so great for the price! T xx

  2. I've got a few eye mask samples here and there but haven't really used them. To be honest like with a face mask that you can buy in a tube vs a sheet mask, as nice as sheet masks can be and as great as they are for travel if you add up cost per use they're actually really expensive! I don't think I could spend that kind of money on the Verso eye masks since you only get 8 uses out of them, and I guess I never really have amazingly special "events" or whatever to go to that I would buy them for. I'm sure they're really lovely and enjoyable to use, but definitely a treat product!

    Jessica -


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