Have you ever had a weekend that felt suspended, like it lasted longer than just a Saturday and Sunday?

That happened to me a couple of weekends ago.

We escaped to the coast, headed as far South as we could get from work, and spent time laughing, exploring, eating and drinking. It felt like the kind of adventure you want to recreate every chance you get, but only really exists for a second before it's gone again. So I thought I'd talk about a teeny, tiny part of it today, just in case any of you ever head to Dorset for some adventuring.

Jenkins and Sons stands out on the high street - all beautiful branding, fairy lights and quaint tables outside, and a warm glow from within - and when visiting, it feels that way. Warm glow, welcoming, the smell of good food and slabs of cake greet you as you walk through the door. The menu is wide and tempting with simply cooked, hearty local fare, but if you want to take advice from our party of four, the Specials board is where it's at. This place specialises unapologetically in meat - primarily locally sourced steak and pork, cuts of which are explained on blackboards dotted around the cosy restaurant.

Our special was rump steak, three of us went for this with different sauces (if you take my word, get the aioli, it was a formative experience), and the meal was served up with the fattest steak chips I've ever seen! The steak was cooked perfectly - I ordered mine medium-well and it was beautifully pink inside, so tender and juicy. The sauce was beautiful and the chips, whilst heavy, were fluffy inside and crispy out - everything you'd want! The fourth member of our bunch ordered the crayfish, squid and samphire risotto and, judging by the exceedingly pleased expression on his face and the silence that descended over the table as we all ate, his meal was as excellent as our own.

The thing that set this place apart however was the atmosphere - maybe it was the day full of sea air and being outdoors, but it felt as though the evening lulled by, lit dimly by candlelight and sunset, the patio windows next to our table left open to the street outside. There was that kind of hum of happy chatter, the clinking of wine glasses and the warmth rising from the pavements outside, still holding the heat of the day. It was such a fantastic place to spend a summer night, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone - the food and friendliness of the place makes Jenkins and Sons really stand out. 


  1. Sounds like a great evening! It's always great to find a new place with a gorgeous atmosphere.

    Nicky xx | www.curious-journeying.com

    1. Thanks for commenting and reading Nicky! It was a fab place - highly recommend! T xx


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