June heralds the official arrival of summer, warmer days (you'd hope) and all things celebrating the lightness and airiness of the outdoors, so it seems only right, when everything is in bloom and so fragrant in nature, to revisit your perfume collection and match what you're wearing to how the season makes us feel - warm, playful, a little more sensual maybe. 'Frolic' seems like a good word for the month of June, so if someone could bottle that up and sell that to me, that'd be fab, but until that time? Here is a quick walk-through some recent picks of mine for summer.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey: If you've been reading since way-back-when, you might remember I got this fragrance as a sample with my first Jo Malone purchase of Pomegranate Noir. Since then, I've been wanting to snap this up for spring and summer months and, when a trip to Dubai coincided with Terminal 3's Jo Malone duty free prices, it was finally time. There's just one word to describe this: juicy. I feel absolutely delicious when I spritz this on to my skin and my boyfriend loves it too - it has all the sweetness of honey with the juicy pulp of nectarine. Everything about this reminds me of sitting in a garden somewhere hot in summer, with peach juice dripping down my fingers. A very sensual, warm and rich summer scent.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: Oh, this perfume and I. I first sprayed this on at a counter in Harvey Nics in London and I fell absolutely in love - the concept is the perfume only has one extra molecule added to the water molecules, and it is this molecule which adapts to your natural scent to create something that smells truly like you. Amazing marketing spiel probably, but I was willing to buy into it because on me, this smelt exactly like burnt sweet popcorn. It was absolutely gorgeous and lingered on my skin all evening and night - I could still smell this on the way back to my hotel after seeing Sweeney Todd. I've coveted it ever since and after a Cult Beauty incentive-driven splurge, I finally got my paws on the travel size and... I've been waiting for that scent ever since. For some reason this smells really underwhelming - occasionally I catch grapefruit, sometimes it's a more medicinal smell, but I've never gotten that sweet popcorn smell back, which is cause for some heartbreak. I don't know if the formula has changed or what's going on, but I'm definitely really underwhelmed. Has anyone else ever had a dud bottle of this?!

Let me know what scents you love for the summertime - I hear a lot about Bronze Goddess, is it worth the hype?

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  1. LOVE Bronze Goddess! It's my summer "go-to" fragrance. It's light and doens't last all day but it's still glorious and smells of coconut, suntan lotion and warm skin that's been in the sun all day!


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