I've been meaning to write this review for some time, but I suppose there's always some reason for holding back and when I search my heart of hearts I know that since putting this book down in Dubai, I haven't really wanted to commit to feeling one way or another about it.

I had high hopes for this book - have you ever come across a plot to a story and thought: 'YES. This is the book I would have wanted to write!' And perhaps my expectations were just the trouble.

The book, as the title would suggest, follows different versions of one love story between Eva and Jim. Both are quite instantly loveable and inevitably their chemistry is charming. The book frames their lives from three different beginnings through the three alternate realities until eventually bringing you three conclusions. Their lives intermingle and weave in and out of one another in different ways, but given the 'devastating conclusion' sold to me on the back cover, I was prepared for this to be a tear-jerker.

To some extent, it was. It was a page-turner, fairly un-put-downable in places, but I wasn't sure if I was following through with the book because I was so dissatisfied with how the stories were panning out. I wanted more from the protagonist, Eva. I wanted to understand her reasoning for making choices that seemed out of character. I wanted to grasp why Jim was downright villainized and often without remorse or consequence. I felt ambivalently about the characters and yet I wanted to see how the three stories ended. Whether it was a knee-jerk reaction, wanting 'my version' of events to come through and win the day, I don't really know.

Taking my feelings about the story itself out of this review, Laura Barnett does have a really easy, personable style of writing. It feels familiar, warm, English. It might be my familiarity with Oxford and university towns, but I felt a strong connection to Cambridge in the early part of the book, and indeed with the south coast of England later in the story. She has a great knack for transporting you instantly between scenes, placing you in the heart of every different 'version' of the story.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if only to have someone to talk to about their take on the novel! It's infuriating how few people have read this. In truth, I'm not sure I would tell you to rush to buy this, but definitely look into Laura's writing - I'll be waiting for her next book, Greatest Hits, eagerly. An author to watch.

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