As we're heading down to Poole this weekend with friends (and struggling to anticipate anything about the great British 'summertime' weather), I thought I'd make another wishlist post - maybe to serve as some packing inspiration, but mostly because I am loving everything in the shops at the moment and am financially incompetent in terms of being able to buy anything. OH WELL. Let's all lust together, shall we?

iPhone weather tells me it'll be fairly warm but cloudy and rainy along the coast this weekend, and honestly no one really does anything in England without taking an emergency jacket/pair of closed in shoes with them, but I am quietly optimistic for some sunnier spells. We've had such a beautiful start to the week, can't it just continue whilst I'm not in work?

Hope you like these picks and let me know if you're off anywhere exciting soon! I love summer and holiday season - every weekend feels like an opportunity to explore somewhere new.


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