BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE VIDEO CONTENT! I'm so happy to have a YouTube video for you guys today, because I'll be honest - I love filming for you guys! And chatting away isn't ever really a problem for me it seems. I've tried to keep this as short and sweet as possible because there was around 18 minutes of footage and let's be real, nobody has time for that. So it's short (under 10 minutes counts, right?), sweet and snappy - a little trip through the very generous gifts I was given by friends and family for my 28th. I hope you guys enjoy and, as always, none of this is meant to brag - I really like watching these types of videos on YouTube and figured you guys would, too!

I know I always say it but I *really do* hope this is the beginning of a lot more video content for this channel and I'd love if you'd subscribe if you're not already. Happy viewing!

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