I'm feeling good about this month. You might have noticed July fell a little quiet around here and, believe it or not, I've been really missing you guys and the blog - I just needed a little sunshine and family time to recharge my batteries. But consider me charged up! I'm excited for what's ahead, for more sunny weather in the UK (I'll whisper that one, don't want to jinx anything), and for more summery adventures with people I love most. I've been thinking a lot about how I place value in my life and the attitude that I bring to every day, and I'm going to try to make a conscious effort this month to end each night happily, and take a step towards my goals every day. It's time to take back responsibility for my own happiness!

SEE: Quite unexpectedly and I like to think by kismet, myself and one of my best mates are off to see Part 1 and 2 of the Cursed Child this Sunday. I KNOW. I can't deal with it. I'm trying not to get too excited and failing miserably because HELLO?! NEW HARRY POTTER!!!!! 

LISTEN: I've been all about new Banks lately and I am so, so excited for her new album. She's so very sexy and impossibly cool, and her music is totally hypnotic. I'm in love with Fuck With Myself (cheeky!) and heard Gemini Feed for the first time yesterday - so gooood. 

GO: Staycation - I seem to always reach this part of summer and say this because basically, my holiday allowance and money runs out. BUT! There is no excuse not to explore your surroundings and get outdoors while the sun shines - on the agenda for this month are Bristol (nearby), Wales (not-so nearby) and maybe even a fruit picking adventure. Rhubarb crumble did I hear you say? WHY YES. I DID.

EAT: After the birthday indulgences of last month (and yes, there was indulgence, to the tune of a box of Hummingbird birthday cupcakes), I'm trying to eat a little better for myself now as I'm getting quite serious about my personal training and fitness goals. Having said that, I will be in London this Sunday and we will be in the region of Dishoom, somewhere I've always wanted to try. Treat days are for this, right? 

DRINK: Classic pub drinks like lemonade with lime and lime and soda water have been my jam of late, but if you're looking for something a little more fancy - get your non-alcoholic mojito on! 

WEAR: I must have this pretty. I just must. Think of all the summer twirling. Plus - great with boots, great with flats, can be styled with a bomber for Autumn transitioning. Have I talked you into it yet?

READ: I'm doing it again. I'm cheating on books. I'M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE THE BOOKS. At the moment on my nightstand (the floor next to my bed) are: Big Magic, Stephen King On Writing, and Likeable Social Media. All at once. You 'eard. 

THINK: Up and up. I'm feeling on some kind of weird productivity wave, full of inspiration and very upbeat and passionately interested in everything at the moment, which can be kinda exhausting, but I'm just gonna roll with it while it lasts! Try thinking upwards and outwards, bringing a little positivity and gratitude to your day, and see if it makes a difference. And if not, go spend some time with people you love, outdoors. It does amazing things for your soul, I promise.

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