There are few things more sacred to me than Sundays. I don't know what it is, maybe it's fewer people in town, less hustle and bustle, but Sunday feels like a slowing down of pace, a breath at the end of a long week, a time to be still. Usually, when it comes to this part of the week, I can be found buried in a book, curled up on the sofa and lazing in the bath, face mask on, shut off from the world. However when an invitation comes from one of your best girls to go get pampered and buy flowers in East London, you don't really say no, do you?

Jaye had mentioned stopping in at UR Cheeky on Redchurch Street (upstairs at the impossibly beautiful Barber and Parlour) before our walk down to Colombia Road for bloom shopping and succulent spotting. We had a booking for 1pm and, giddy off watermelon juice and the beautiful shopfronts of Shoreditch (I mean... the visual merchandising here is off the charts, right?!), we head up to the first floor salon and were quickly seen to by two lovely ladies.

After taking a short questionnaire about any allergies we had (0) and choosing our colours - I went for this bright peach colour 'Chat Me Up' above, Jaye for a muted plum/greige colour - we headed over to the long canteen-style bar tables and took a seat together. The girls who did our manicures really were excellent - they took our bags, looked after everything, checked in with us about the pressure of our hand massages and whether they were buffing our nails too hard (!!), before completing a shiny, healthy looking gloss job on our talons. 

One thing I really liked is that I could ask for square tips with a rounded edge - WHY does every nail bar only do square or rounded tips?! LET ME LIVE.

Whilst the Cheeky Works Manicure (£25, which both of us had) isn't the cheapest, it's certainly luxurious and the setting is gorgeous - they play great music and have lively, friendly staff that are chatty and personable without being fake or forced at all. The vibe here is very cool and laidback - perfect Sunday material - and as you can see above, I was very happy with my nails! I'm also typing to you with manicure still in tact, a day on - loads of shine, and no signs of chipping or scuffing! I keep just looking down at my hands and thinking 'so preddyyyyy'.

I'd definitely recommend this place to check out if you find yourself in East London and are looking for something quite quick, relaxing and a little special - UR Cheeky is your gal. 


  1. I don't really get my nails done often but it's definitely a nice experience when you do get them done, especially if it were with a friend and in a place like that! I only really do it for special occasions like a family wedding or something with my mum, and although that sounds pretty pricey, as a special treat it would be worth it every now and then. Also I'm totally with you on square with rounded tips - as if that isn't more of a thing?!

    1. I guess it could seem a bit extravagant but, like you, I really rarely get my nails done. For a special treat, I think it's a fair price and the manicure did last a whole week before it started chipping too badly to ignore (and I work a lot with my hands!). Square with rounded tips is LIFE CHANGING - everyone needs to offer this!! T xx


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