September is already here (wtf how) and so we come to the time of year that always seems to move the fastest for me - it always seems like one second we're in September, and all of a sudden I find myself at Christmas. The leaves have already started browning and gathering in the little cobbled streets around where I live,  and the rainy days are just starting to pepper the sunshine with cloudy spells. It's a beautiful time to be in Oxford, where every college is surrounded by every shade of Autumn as the season changes. It's a hazy time where we start planning more time indoors, nesting, and collecting back that time lost in excited summer plans. I'm excited for something new.

SEE: I'm still waiting to see the David Brent movie, but I also really want to see Sausage Party. It has been SUCH a long time since I went to the movies, and I really want to pencil in some visits this month.

LISTEN: The new Frank Ocean album has more or less been on repeat since it was released - highlights are Ivy, Pink & White, Nights, and Seigfried. Also this song is just everything. That Paolo Nutini sample? COME ON. I'm so excited for new Bon Iver and this puts me in such an Autumnal mood.

GO: To Bristol! I visited for the first time in a long time recently and I absolutely loved it! It has such a great balance of being a really interesting and vibrant city culturally (visit Park Street and Clifton) as well as being an incredible place to go for a little weekend shopping break. I REALLY want to go to the zoo and aquarium! We'll definitely be going back.

EAT: One place on our radar this month is Oxford Blue Smokehouse, where I'm hoping to take my friends and the chap for his birthday - I've heard amazing things! I'll be sure to report back if it's a must-try. 

DRINK: Nice bloody tea. I picked up some Mocha Chai from Bluebird Tea Company earlier this month when we were in Bristol and it's JUST gorgeous. You can taste every single flavour and I think loose leaf might be my fav way to drink tea now. 

WEAR: I can't wait to curl up in this jumper from COS that I recently got my paws on. Perfect for long lazy Sundays browsing around museums when it's rainy outside.

READ: Some friends and I recently started a book club (yes, we're nerds) and first up is Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which I'm really loving! It's VERY different to what I thought it would be, but in a good way - it's definitely a book that makes you think. 

THINK: Easy. I've been getting my first couple of bouts of anxiety for the first time in a really long time recently, so I'm looking forward to taking things a little easier as we go into September and spending more time getting into writing and creating for myself again. 


  1. I also really want to go to Bristol, is possible this month, or at least soon!! I visited once years and years ago and have a feeling it's changed quite a bit since then. Miranda xxx

    1. You MUST go back Miranda - if only for Cabot Circus and all the beautiful new shops! I loved it so much. Thanks for reading! T xx


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