Long. Overdue. Video content. I don't know if you guys are excited but I AM! A couple of weekends ago Jaye and I decided to go on an East London adventure - the agenda was pretty much 'stuff we've always wanted to do in Shoreditch' - for me that was Colombia Road Flower Market, for her, pampering at UR Cheeky (of course, good friend that I am, I went along) and one on both of our lists was Dishoom for all the Indian food ever.

Cue the perfect Sunday, which I've somehow managed to document snippets from and thread them altogether in this short, sweet and easily-digestible video of highlights. Please watch out for the gent wearing possibly my favourite shirt ever.

Hope you guys enjoy and as always, if you aren't subscribed please do, there's a lot more to come from my YouTube channel and hopefully you guys enjoy this slightly new style of video! 

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